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How Many Boxes Hold Your Life

I used to keep a lot of stuff. Boxes and boxes of stuff. Then I began culling, donating, sharing stuff with friends. I still have boxes of stuff, sentimental things from childhood, items from our wedding, special outfits from when the kids were babies. The usual stuff. But I also had boxes of stuff from my first husband, Mark. After he died, I had so many containers filled with the things I couldn't bare to part with. Really, most of it was stuff I just couldn't go through any of the times I … [Read More...]

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Post-Surgery Update, Now With More Pounds

So! It's been a little over a year since my surgery, and several months since I checked in here with you all. Guess what happened in those few months of no accountability? I regained! I stopped making good food choices and I haven't been exercising. … [Read More...]

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Oh My Word…for 2017

I've never chosen a word for the year before. I've set goals for the year, I've done resolutions, and I've set intentions, but never chosen a word. This year, I set some goals around health, words, and some other things and have been writing them in … [Read More...]

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What I Know At 42

I just turned 42! Mostly I can't believe the number is associated with me when I often don't feel like an adult, much less a middle-aged adult. I've been reading a lot of books by smart people who … [Read More...]

Are You Happy You’re White?

We were on our way home from after-school care and listening to NPR's "All Things Considered." The story was about President Trump's proposed travel ban. Tobin asked me why the ban was being asked … [Read More...]