Digging Up Dirt. Mental Dirt, That Is.

In an effort to figure out why I eat the way I do and use food as a comfort tool, I have started to go to a counselor. For me, this step is just as important – if not more so – as eating right and exercising. It’s also the hardest process. I like my dirt nice and buried, thank you very much.

It might be nice, though, to have a clean mind for a while.


  1. onecraftymother says

    Good for you!! The mental part of it is HUGE. And scary. And life changing. And awesome. And I’m always in favor of women taking care of themselves! 🙂 I like my dirt nice and buried (love the analogy) but once you dig it up you can throw it away (if need be) and move on. LOVE THIS.



    • says

      Ellie~Thanks so much for coming by. And I am *so* glad you think I’ll be able to get rid of the dirt once it’s been gone over. Forcing myself to be completely honest is hard, yo!

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