Bruised Ego, Bruised Foot, Bruised Heart

I passed out last week. For the first time in my life, I did the dizzy-spots-in-front-of-my-eyes-everything-went-black thing. I was out for a few seconds, and apparently I was quite graceful going down (from what I've been told by the people in the room). I went to my knees and slumped to my side, and strained the ligaments in one of my feet on the way down. It's a few days later now, and my foot … [Read more...]

Getting to Know [Me], Getting to Know All About [Me]

I wrote the following post in December 2007. I just read a different post about learning about yourself after your spouse dies, and am struck once again, by how similar feelings and life can be for widows. Regardless of geography, age, social status or any of the other labels we give ourselves. You can read my post below, and hunibuni's post here. >Finally, at age 32, I'm getting to know … [Read more...]

Presidential Brainwashing FTW!

From the beginning of this dust-up, I couldn’t help but think of watching Nancy Reagan telling me to “say no to drugs”, of our local Congress people coming to my tiny school to talk with us about civic responsibility, of my 5th grade classroom watching the President address the nation after The Challenger explosion, and of watching the presidential debates in high school.I am certain that my … [Read more...]

The Dream

I started having The Dream as soon as I started dating after Mark died. The Dream is some version of me cheating on Mark. I wake up feeling sad and needlessly guilty and questioning my decisions. The Dream used to be bad enough when I was just dating and before William and I were really committed to each other. Then The Dream was just cheating. When William and I made the commitment and after … [Read more...]

Things I Wish…

I were eating right now... Fluffernutter on white bread, Oreos, Weinerschniztel hot dog on a pretzel bun, Chips and salsa from the joint across the street, Root beer float, and/or Any flavor of Ben & Jerry's ice cream that involves caramel. But I'm not. I have gestational diabetes and have for 8 weeks now. So, that means I'm being as healthy as possible for both the baby and … [Read more...]