A List of Smells

In no particular order, I don’t like the smell of:

  • Gardenias,
  • jasmine,
  • rubbing alcohol,
  • sweat,
  • patchouli,
  • cigarettes,
  • rose (but the tea-rose kind of rose, I like the sweet-smelling kind of rose),
  • bacon (but only in the context of not wanting my home or clothes to smell like bacon, it’s perfect-smelling while it’s cooking and being eaten),
  • musk, and
  • hospitals/nursing homes,
  • lillies

In no particular order, I do like the smell of:

  • William’s cologne on his skin,
  • Nicholas room,
  • Tobin’s skin,
  • Books/bookstores,
  • Coffee,
  • Citrus with grapefruit topping the list,
  • Soap,
  • Pumpkin pie spice (but only in the fall and winter),
  • Baking (anything),
  • Pencils,
  • Crayons,
  • Apples,
  • Nicholas’ and Tobin’s heads when the sun has warmed their hair



Hopes for 2011, February & March Update

I know we’re into April, but I still wanted to update how February and March went. You can look back to my January update if you’re *really* that into my list!

Feeling 16 again. This one is the general health one. The biggest thing I did here was go see my doctor for a physical. The good news is that my body isn’t falling apart (always a positive, yes?) I also did this alternative therapy to try to get rid of  some pain in my heel/ankle. It hurt really bad, the treatment was expensive, and it hasn’t worked that well…so I guess my next move is to power through. So, now I just have to get off my rear and start working out. For me the fitness thing really kicks in when I start working out because I don’t want to mess up all my hard work by choosing the wrong food.

Don’t over commit. This one has been more difficult than I thought it would be. I did give up a gig that I have been hanging on to (and feeling guilty about) for too long. It was a huge relief.

Drink more! I’ve fallen off the wagon a bit here. I’m definitely having more water, but I’ve also been slipping on the diet soda. I’ve been trying really hard not to have it after noon though, hoping it will help both Tobin and me sleep.

Budget. We’re doing pretty well on this one. With our tax return we paid off some big chunks and did some other necessary things. Now we’re working on figuring out where we are, what our new costs are, and budgeting accordingly.

Give. After my friend, Ronny, died in March, we gave to The Livestrong Foundation. I’ve also been exploring Love Drop which is a fairly new organization, but one that is helping its donors (team) feel connected in their giving.

Get Green. I’ve been doing small things here and there for this goal. Not as much as I hope to work up to, but it’s slowly happening.

Follow directions. Following directions is hard, y’all. After visiting with the doctor in March, I’ve gotten better at this, but still not the most compliant patient.

Scrap. I haven’t scrapped much, but I did a lot of crafting for Tobin’s birthday party the first week of March, so that counts, right?

Write. I’ve been writing more here, but not my other outlets…so I’ll get right on that.

Remove distractions. This has probably been the one goal I’ve been the most proactive in reaching. We’ve cleaned out our closet, cleaned out Nicholas’ closet, posted items we aren’t using anymore for sale, I’ve cleaned out a couple of email accounts, and recycled a ton of old magazines. Still more to do, but I love the feeling of not have so much around.

So, how are your resolutions or goals for 2011 coming? I want to hear all about it!

Distracting: Home Accessories

One of my favorite magazines is Real Simple, and one of the things I love to see it in is their choice of home accessories. The mark of a successful (for me) magazine is the number of pages I rip out to keep. The January issue had 12 rippable pages! Here are a few of the things I liked…

Ochre’s Artic Pear Chandelier/Lamp
Oh my gosh, how cool is this lamp? So cool, that’s how much! I love the naked bulbs and the simplicity (although it might be hard to find bulbs in a decade or so).

Versailles Domed Chair
I also ripped out the page that has very pretty chair on it. I was surprised I liked it, I’m not one for stately chairs; but, I really like the dome, it’s a cool and surprising touch.

David wood foot sculpture
This “bust” cracked me up and it would definitely make an interesting conversation piece. You can see David’s big ol’ foot at www.arteriorshome.com

One day, when we have a space big enough to have some interesting pieces, I’ll splurge for some. For now, I’ll keep ripping pages out of magazines and filing them away!

Where are your favorite places to look at (or buy) home accessories? Any blogs you love? Websites that are go-to for shopping?

Hopes for 2011 January Update

Back at the beginning of January, I told you all the 10 things I hoped to do more of in 2011. I thought, in an effort to be accountable to myself, I’d update how I’m doing each month. So, here is how I did in January.

Feel 16 again. The only thing I’ve done for this one (which is really my fitness hope for the year) is to make some doctor’s appointments that will make exercising and getting healthy easier. That’s progress, right?

Don’t over-commit. This one is a goal I have to remind myself of pretty often. I have said no a couple of times though!

Drink more! I’m doing better on getting water into my daily routine. And I’m doing a lot better about avoiding diet soda (which is a lot harder for me than drinking water). I have a long way to go on this one though.

Budget. We’ve done a few things to work on our budget including going back through old check registers to really see where our money goes. What an eye-opener that one was! We’ve already gotten our taxes done and we get to pay off some debt. I’m so stinkin’ excited!

Give. Thanks to my friend, Rachel, we have already given to the Corpus Christi Food Bank this year. I’ve also done some research to see just what we want to focus our giving on.

Get Green. The main way we’ve done this is to stop drinking soda. I know it doesn’t sound like a huge step, but we were drinking tons of cans and not always recycling them, so by avoiding them altogether I feel like we aren’t dumping so much. The other thing we stopped doing was buying bottled water because we weren’t doing a great job about recycling the bottles. Instead we bought some metal bottles for the fridge. Little steps.

Follow directions. This goal mainly goes toward being compliant with my medications. I’m doing soooo much better with this! I haven’t been checked out to see how big an impact it’s made, but I’m proud of remembering to pop those pills!

Scrap. I still haven’t caught up with N’s book or started Tobin’s book; but, I have scrapped in January! I finished N’s 4th book (which makes me only one year behind for him). I’ve organized the digital photos for T’s book, and gotten some papers to start his soon.

Write. I’ve sucked at this one. That is all.

Remove distractions. I’m super happy with this update. So far I’ve cleaned out Nicholas’ closet, organized our closet, cleaned out our books (and sold what we didn’t want to keep), canceled a subscription to a magazine that I wasn’t reading but was driving me crazy because I wasn’t reading it, and William and I spent a full day opening every box in our storage unit to see what we have. We aren’t quite done with the storage unit but the progress is awesome and we’ll be able to go down to a smaller unit (saving us money for our budget). I love this hope!

How are you guys doing? If you made resolutions are you sticking to them? If not, have you started doing anything this year to make your world better?

Happy New Year and My List!

Every year, at the beginning of January, I start peppering my sentences with, “I can’t believe it’s already [insert year here]!” I tried to be more aware of the time this year, and part of that was working on my resolutions for 2011. I thought I had it all worked out, but I just read a post from Audrey McClelland of Mom Generations and I love her approach so much more than what I had. So I scrapped my original resolutions (or at least they way they were written) and am making a hope list instead.

Ten Things I Hope For in 2011

1. Feel 16 again. This is my fitness hope. I wrote a post the other day about this and it still holds (whether it’s a resolution or a hope). I want to make choices that help to transform my body from the lump it is now back to the body that will do what I ask of it.

2. Don’t over-commit. I want to do everything for everyone, so I say yes too often. I mean it when I say it, and I *want* to do whatever it is I’ve said, but most of the time I just can’t. So, I hope to work on saying yes to the things I can reasonably get done and not feel guilty about saying no the other times.

3. Drink more. Water! What this hope really translates to is cutting down (and then out) on diet soda. It’s my only big source of caffeine and I have entirely too much of it. I’ve already started this one and it’s hard.

4. Budget.
I have played with household budgets through the years, but it’s something I really want to be good at. I want to know where my money is going and where I can put it to better use. If we can do this in 2011, I will be a very happy camper.

5. Give. I like to help people. What can I say, I’m a giver. When Mark died, I had a lot of incredible friends and generous strangers give to me. It helped more than they will ever know. Ever since then, I’ve given whenever I can, but I want it to be more strategic. I also want it to be done in a way that my children learn from. I’m still figuring this one out, but I have a few things in mind.

6. Get green. We do a few things that are green, but I know we could be doing more as a family. I think this hope goes nicely with the fitness, drinking, budgeting and possibly the giving hopes as well.

7. Follow directions. Specifically, medical directions. I tend to forget to take medication, and it’s something that I hope to do better with this year. Vitamins FTW!

8. Scrapbook. When N was little, I was able to scrapbook a lot. It was what I did at night after he went to sleep. That’s when I was single with one child. It’s more challenging now to find the time to scrapbook, and I miss it so much. I want this hobby, which makes me so happy, back.

9. Write. I want to write more. And better. Hopefully, the better comes with the more.

10. Remove distractions. I have anxiety issues that tend to come out in my awareness of clutter and being incredibly bothered by it. I want to identify the real messes and clean those up; while also identifying the things that I can live with and learning not to be bothered by them.

11. Okay, I have a bonus hope. I hope that my incredibly smart and talented husband finds his dream job. Because he is awesome and any company or organization would be lucky to have him as part of their team.

That’s my list. What do you think? Are you doing resolutions for 2011? Or maybe wishes and hopes? I’d love to hear them!

Thankful for Democracy

I am thankful for Democracy. I appreciate that we live in a country that can change governments every 2-4 years without a shot fired. I am thankful for the men who established our country in the first place, for the women who fought so I could vote, and for the men and women who fought so that people of all races could vote.

If I had written this post on Monday, the day before the election, there would have been a lot of hope along with my thankfulness. As it is, two days after the election, I am resigned along with thankful.

I vote every year. I vote for the candidate I think would do the most good and most closely represent my wishes for the country. I take the time to learn about the candidates and vote accordingly (or for neither). I am thankful I get to participate in the process. I am thankful we have a democracy to participate in.

photo courtesy of hubpages

Well, hello there!

Look! Pretty new background, new categories, a blogroll! It looks like I’m getting more serious about this blogging business. In some form or another, I’ve been blogging since January 2006, but it’s been fairly haphazard (everything from web journals to MySpace and Blogger). So, with the help of the wonderful @mamikaze, I’m making the transition to this blog. Hopefully, it will grow and thrive and there will be great conversations with you all. I want to learn from you, and I hope we get to know each other.


Sandra Bullock and I? We’re the Same.

Sandra Bullock and I? We’re the same. I know you think it’s the beauty, poise and millions of dollars in salary that showcase the similarity between Ms. Bullock and myself; but, you are wrong.

I don’t follow much gossip stuff (except what is gleaned from Go Fug Yourself and Mama Pop), but there are a few celebrities who I think I would like to hang out at a lake house with, with no television and we’d have stuff to talk about. Sandra Bullock is one of those, so I tend to notice when stuff is printed or aired about her.

Not that you could have missed anything about her and her scummy soon-to-be-ex since just after the Oscars.

Anyway, besides all the beauty and riches, I couldn’t help but catch the similarities between her 2010 and my 2005. People keep talking about what a crazy year she has had. I mean, who has a major event happen (winning the Oscar), loses a husband and has a baby in the same year? Oh, that would be Sandra Bullock and me.

I’m making light of it, but her situation really reminded me strongly of my 2005. A lot of people said I must have hated 2005 because that’s when Mark died. But, it’s also the year that I spent growing a baby in my belly, turning 30 and becoming a mother for the first time. So maybe just August-December of 2005 were crap. Watching my belly grow, getting a Strawberry Shortcake birthday cake for my 30th birthday, and watching the miracle that is our son being born? Those were so not crap. Neither was the Spurs winning another NBA championship, but that didn’t really have anything to do with me.

It was a strange year, 2005. Strange, sad, happy, joyful and surreal. All of those, at one time.

Home, Sweet Home. Please?

We live with my husband’s parents, and we are paying off a lot of debt. It’s been incredibly helpful and Nicholas loves living out in the country. He gets to run and play and explore. W is getting his master’s degree right now and we’re going to live with his parents until he’s done and has a job. It’s possible that we’ll leave the town we live in now, but it’s equally possible that W will find a job here and we’ll stay. Regardless, we won’t be moving for at least 8 months or so, and his parents have been great to ask us to live with them to save money and try to get ahead. Those are all wonderful and important things. [Do you hear the “but” coming?]

But, I am so ready for a house. I’ve never lived in my own house. I want a space that we can paint and arrange and care for. Something that we are going to own. Something we aren’t renting. I have always liked the apartments I’ve lived in, and they fit my needs at the time, but I want a yard. I want us to be responsible for mowing and watering and battling worms and aphids. I want a home.

Living in an apartment, and now with W’s parents, has never bothered me before. The feeling I have about having a house right now is a lot like the longing I had when we were trying to get pregnant with N. Every time I saw a baby back then, it hurt that we hadn’t been able to have a baby of our own. While I don’t hurt when I see houses for rent or for sale, I sure do notice them.

I’m sure the feeling has intensified since we moved to sharing a space with other people that isn’t our own (or even our own rented). The trick will now be not to go overboard and when we have the chance to have a home of our own. I have a feeling I might just jump at the first place that presents itself!

I probably should stop watching the Style network and HGTV. It just makes my home envy even worse. Excuse me while I turn off the television.

Well, hello there! Have you been waiting long?

I am fairly sure I don’t have any actual followers, er subscribers, on this blog. Regardless, I should have been updating. I’m starting now. I can feel the excitement that was generated by that statement! Electric!

A few updates:

  • William and I got married in April! It was perfect and exactly what we wanted. Except for the distinct chilliness during the ceremony from the bizarre cold front that came in and for missing a few key people who couldn’t make it; it was really a perfect day for us. You can check out the incredible photos from Rebel With A Camera. Just look for our names in the Wedding Gallery, you won’t be disappointed!
  • Nicholas is still amazing and wonderful and smart and handsome. He turns 4 in a couple of weeks and I’m amazed he’s my son.
  • Work is great, I still love the work itself and the incredible women I work with in my department. Represent!
  • I’m still writing for Type-A Mom weekly, for This Mommy Gig monthly (allegedly), and for PRSA San Antonio . Check the sites out, they are wonderfully helpful!
  • I’ve also committed myself to getting my APR sometime before December 2009. This is a big deal for me, and I’m scared. I’m not joking.

So, that’s what we’re up to right now. I’ll let you know how it goes.