A List of Smells

In no particular order, I don't like the smell of: Gardenias, jasmine, rubbing alcohol, sweat, patchouli, cigarettes, rose (but the tea-rose kind of rose, I like the sweet-smelling kind of rose), bacon (but only in the context of not wanting my home or clothes to smell like bacon, it's perfect-smelling while it's cooking and being eaten), musk, and hospitals/nursing … [Read more...]

Hopes for 2011, February & March Update

I know we're into April, but I still wanted to update how February and March went. You can look back to my January update if you're *really* that into my list! Feeling 16 again. This one is the general health one. The biggest thing I did here was go see my doctor for a physical. The good news is that my body isn't falling apart (always a positive, yes?) I also did this alternative therapy to … [Read more...]

Distracting: Home Accessories

One of my favorite magazines is Real Simple, and one of the things I love to see it in is their choice of home accessories. The mark of a successful (for me) magazine is the number of pages I rip out to keep. The January issue had 12 rippable pages! Here are a few of the things I liked... Ochre's Artic Pear Chandelier/Lamp Oh my gosh, how cool is this lamp? So cool, that's how much! I love the … [Read more...]

Hopes for 2011 January Update

Back at the beginning of January, I told you all the 10 things I hoped to do more of in 2011. I thought, in an effort to be accountable to myself, I'd update how I'm doing each month. So, here is how I did in January. Feel 16 again. The only thing I've done for this one (which is really my fitness hope for the year) is to make some doctor's appointments that will make exercising and getting … [Read more...]

Happy New Year and My List!

Every year, at the beginning of January, I start peppering my sentences with, "I can't believe it's already [insert year here]!" I tried to be more aware of the time this year, and part of that was working on my resolutions for 2011. I thought I had it all worked out, but I just read a post from Audrey McClelland of Mom Generations and I love her approach so much more than what I had. So I … [Read more...]