Thankful for Democracy


I am thankful for Democracy. I appreciate that we live in a country that can change governments every 2-4 years without a shot fired. I am thankful for the men who established our country in the first place, for the women who fought so I could vote, and for the men and women who fought so that people of all races could vote. If I had written this post on Monday, the day before the election, … [Read more...]

Well, hello there!

Look! Pretty new background, new categories, a blogroll! It looks like I'm getting more serious about this blogging business. In some form or another, I've been blogging since January 2006, but it's been fairly haphazard (everything from web journals to MySpace and Blogger). So, with the help of the wonderful @mamikaze, I'm making the transition to this blog. Hopefully, it will grow and thrive and … [Read more...]

Sandra Bullock and I? We’re the Same.

Sandra Bullock and I? We're the Same.

Sandra Bullock and I? We're the same. I know you think it's the beauty, poise and millions of dollars in salary that showcase the similarity between Ms. Bullock and myself; but, you are wrong. I don't follow much gossip stuff (except what is gleaned from Go Fug Yourself and Mama Pop), but there are a few celebrities who I think I would like to hang out at a lake house with, with no television … [Read more...]

Home, Sweet Home. Please?

We live with my husband's parents, and we are paying off a lot of debt. It's been incredibly helpful and Nicholas loves living out in the country. He gets to run and play and explore. W is getting his master's degree right now and we're going to live with his parents until he's done and has a job. It's possible that we'll leave the town we live in now, but it's equally possible that W will find a … [Read more...]

Well, hello there! Have you been waiting long?

I am fairly sure I don't have any actual followers, er subscribers, on this blog. Regardless, I should have been updating. I'm starting now. I can feel the excitement that was generated by that statement! Electric! A few updates: William and I got married in April! It was perfect and exactly what we wanted. Except for the distinct chilliness during the ceremony from the bizarre cold front … [Read more...]