Fitness Friday: Week 14 Working My Way Back

You’re stuck with just me this week! I took this week off of work to hang out with my Mom who is here from Florida until the end of next week. It’s been so nice to just relax with my Mom and the kids. Amazingly, I haven’t been completely relaxed with my diet. I haven’t been perfect, but I’ve had a better week than I thought I would being away from the office.


  • Weight…I maintained from last week. So, yay! That’s 12 pounds down in the last 14 weeks. I’m almost done with the steroids, so I’m hoping between that and getting back on the wagon I’ll start dropping some more pounds soon.
  • Inches…I lost an inch from last week for a total of 26 inches lost in the last 14 weeks. Woot!


  • I’ve been off this week and being home makes me want to bake and cook. I’m going to bake cupcakes today…and take most of them over to my Grandmother’s house on Sunday :)

So, how did you all do this week?

Past Posts on my fitness Journey…

Week 13 & Bridget Works It Out

Every week, along with my progress update, I’m sharing guest posts from friends who are making changes in their lives to live more healthily. This week’s guest poster is my friend, Bridget Ivey. I only met Bridget a few months ago when she picked me up at the airport and then served as one of my don’t-let-Sherry-get-lost-too-many-times people at BlissDom. I knew we were destined to be friends when she offered me crack within moments of getting in her car. The crack turned out to be some super yummy cracker-chocolate-butter-toffee goodness (which may be just as addictive as the street drug…I’m guessing.)

Bridget’s words… 

I don’t have a super fancy weight loss story like some.  My story is typical, I think, of many people my age.  My weight yo-yoed back and forth for years, especially the last 7 years during which I had 4 children.  Whew!  Keeping up with all four of them should be enough to make the pounds just melt off, right?  That might have actually happened if I hadn’t eaten all of their leftovers from every meal.  But I did and the pounds kept adding up and up and up.  So many days felt like exercises in futility and I frequently fell into bed at night, worn-down and exhausted.  Weight loss was the last thing on my mind.  Exercise?  Ha.  If I heard about push-ups, I thought bra.  Pull-ups?  Potty training. No lie.

These days, however, my youngest has learned to walk and (somewhat) communicate and play happily with her siblings.  The older kids are mature enough to keep an eye on the little ones and let me know if a problem comes up.  And though messes and issues and interruptions are guaranteed through out the day, I am no longer a captive audience every minute of every day.  I don’t have to be constantly aware of every.single.little.thing and I can trust them to get me if they need me.  (I still keep my ears open for loud crashes and screaming matches.)

When I first realized that I could steal away little chunks of time, I used it to do things I had to do.  I’d do dishes or laundry or write a post the was due or edit pictures for clients.  I would get dinner started or clean out the junk drawer in the kitchen.  I was getting lots of things accomplished, but I found myself frustrated that I had these moments that I’d been craving for years and I wasn’t allowing myself to use them like I’d dreamed of.  So I started a book.  I would read a chapter or two and peek in on them.  If they were still okay, I’d catch one more chapter.  And it felt so good.  Reading for fun had almost entirely disappeared from my agenda, and I missed it dearly.  In a few days’ time, I finished one book.  The next week, another.  I was cramming in sentences into every little break I could find, as if I’d been starving for words.

And then one afternoon, I finished my book and I didn’t have another one waiting.  And so I sat.  I just sat and looked out the window.  It was a beautiful fall day.  Leaves were swirling and the wind chimes were clanging happily.  I almost expected a little birdy to start whistling a Disney song.  I stepped out into the sunlight and stretched out like a cat.  Doing that reminded me of my old Pilates video that I’d loved once upon a time and I did a few exercises right there on the back porch.  The next day I pulled out the old video and pumped my arms and focused on my core and rolled like a ball.  And I did it again the next day.  And the next.  When I got tired of that, I got out the Wii Fit.  (That obstacle course is tough, yo!)  And as I began to exercise regularly, I began to think more and more about my body and my lifestyle.  It was then that I devised my own little plan that it worked for me.  I lost 20 pounds at a decent pace and promised myself I would take a break after reaching that 20 pound goal.  I did, and you know what?  For the first time in my life, I got ‘off’ of a ‘diet’ and didn’t gain it all right back!  As a matter of fact, I lost 2 more pounds and I wasn’t even trying.  Which is CRAZY SPEAK, you hear me?  Crazy.  I had heard it before and I’m sure you have as well, but it feels important to point out: It worked because I wasn’t on a diet, I had changed my lifestyle.

So what exactly did I do to change my lifestyle?  Three little things.  Honestly.  Little things.

  1. I drank more water.  Cup after cup of ice water.  It’s easy to do, really.  You just have to remember to actually do it.
  2. I exercised.  I like Pilates.  I like how calm and relaxed it makes me feel.  I like how lithe and limber I feel when I’m done. I like how the Wii games make me compete against myself and try to improve my score.  Even still, I would not call myself an exercise lover.  I have several friends who are very athletic and really enjoy breaking a sweat and pushing themselves to run farther, push harder.   I?  I am not those people.  I’ve had folks promise me that if I’d get in a habit of running, I’d fall in love with it.  I tried.  I ran daily for about a month and I never, ever (not even once) felt invigorated by it.  I had people tell me that P90X is the way to go, but after having 4 children…well, doing jumping jacks isn’t really in my best interest.  I’ve tried stationary bike, row machine, tread mill, tae bo, and zumba (to name a few).  Those things were all great, but they weren’t for me.  I didn’t enjoy them and (I know myself) I wouldn’t keep up with it if I didn’t love it.  My point is this: Don’t do what worked for your friend; find out what works for you!  And then actually do it.  Put it on your to do list.  Pencil it into your daily schedule.  Have a friend call and pester you until you’ve gotten it done.  Whatever it takes.
  3. “One less”.  This was my big life-changing plan, my motto.  It sounds absolutely ridiculous, but it worked (for me).  Whenever I was eating, I’d take one less bite than I wanted.  (That meant eating more slowly and listening to my body.)  During the day, I’d gotten accustomed to eating morning and afternoon snacks with the children, but with this new plan of mine I had to be more selective about which snack I wanted.  Want dessert?  Sure, go ahead and eat it, but eat one less bite than you really want AND make sure you eat one less high-calorie/fatty food at dinner to balance it out a little.  Honestly, all my ‘plan’ did was force me to pay attention to my own hunger cues.  It made me more aware of my choices and the effect they have on my body.

During my break (which has been really more of a maintenance-type phase), I’ve slacked off a little on all of these.  There are weeks that go by and I haven’t exercised at all.  And some days I make it to lunch and realize I haven’t had a sip of water yet.  And, yep, there are times when I eat until I’m stuffed (see also: Sunday lunch).  But the difference in today and one year ago today is that I recognize that I’m doing it and I know how to change it.

The children and I went on a hike early in the week, and a another short one the next day.  I drank enough water yesterday to kill a horse! (With the temperatures rising, that’s probably a good habit to keep up!)  And today my snack count was zero.  I enjoyed the hiatus from my plan, but I’m finding that I am really enjoying getting back into it.  Twenty more pounds before my next break.  On your mark.  Get set.  Go.

Bridget Ivey is a photographer, mother to 4 amazing children, and wife to a Pediatrician (who sometimes gets paid in potatos). She lives in a small Southern town and you can read about her family’s adventures on her blog Ivey League Mama. You can also find Bridget on Twitter @IveyLeagueMama and sharing her awesome photos on Instagram @IveyLeagueMama. Go, find her, you will love her!

Sherry’s update…

I’ve had a rough week…and I’m tired of that being my status update. So, I’m back on starting today! Seriously. Stop laughing.


  • Weight…I didn’t weigh in this week. I am beyond frustrated with myself without seeing the number on the scale, so I gave myself a pass this week.
  • Inches…See above.


  • Everything was a challenge this week. I mean, I allowed everything to be a challenge this week. And I started my period, so there’s that.

So, how did you all do this week?

Past Posts on my fitness Journey…

Fitness Friday: Week 12 & Finding Fitness Balance

Every week, along with my progress update, I’m sharing guest posts from friends who are making changes in their lives to live more healthily. This week’s guest poster is my friend, Sadie D. Wilks. Sadie and I have known each other for a shockingly long time. Really, it’s about 14 years, but since it seem like we met just yesterday, it’s shocking. Sadie is one of the smartest public relations people I know, she cracks me up, she has a great accent, and she doesn’t think I’m crazy. She’ll totally be my PR rep if I ever get famous…or am arrested. Sadie shares her thoughts on struggling to maintain a healthy weight while living a very busy life.

Sadie’s words…

As I get older and my life busier, I have struggled to maintain a healthy weight. Sound familiar?

Food makes me happy. Chocolate calms me. Macaroni and cheese satisfies more than just my hunger. Gumbo reminds me of my grandmother. Beignets and coffee bring me a joy that no other food and beverage can fulfill. Many people love food – but really, loving food is in my genes. I’m Cajun after all.

Born and bred in South Louisiana , where we have festivals devoted to food and food products – shrimp festival, crawfish festival, strawberry festival, frog festival (yes, they are food here in Acadiana). Entire weekends planned around one particular delicacy. It’s a thing of beauty really. Eating is part of the culture. Consequently, managing your weight in Louisiana can be more than a challenge.

Before I had my son, I was a runner. 5Ks, 10Ks, adventure races, half marathons, you name it. And I loved it. To this day, running gives me an inner peace I cannot achieve in any other way. But, if you asked me why I ran, I would say, “So I can eat whatever I like and not feel guilty about it.”

Post pregnancy, I still loved to eat and run. But as I got busier, at work and at home, I seemed to find more time to eat and less time to run. When I hit 35 last fall, I decided that the “baby weight” had to go. My son is now five so “baby weight” was becoming laughable. I wanted to get healthier, mainly because I was tired all the time and was struggling to catch my breath just getting in and out of the car.

Not that I haven’t tried before. I would begin eating right, exercising, renewing my focus on being a good wife and mother, while keeping up with my duties at work. All at the same time. Ultimately, I spent too much time comparing myself to my pre-pregnancy self and setting my expectations very high.

High expectations are not all bad, but for me, it was detrimental. I was trying to accomplish too many things at once. This time, I decided to tackle one thing at a time. I chose to focus on healthier eating first, with the hope that once I lost 20 lbs, I would feel more energetic and thus, regular exercising would be the next step.

Since my own efforts had not produced the desired results, I decided to seek help. After weighing several options, I settled on the Ideal Protein diet, working through a local hospital’s wellness program. I have lost the weight over that last four months. It was tough but I was financially invested and thus determined to get my money’s worth. Having to weigh in each week kept me motivated and on target as well.

Now I am focused on maintaining a nice, healthy balance between eating foods I love and eating what my body needs to survive. And exercising regularly. Truthfully, I am struggling with step two. I was hoping that losing the weight would provide instant motivation to get back out there, but unfortunately, it’s not that simple.



Wife. Mother. Communicator.
Sadie was married in January 2000 to her husband, Scott, who is an associate professor in the LSU School of Social Work. Together, they are raising their son, Noah. More or less. Her professional life includes extensive work in communications and public relations specifically for non-profits and associations. She is an alumna of Louisiana State University (LSU) and a native of south Louisiana. You can read some of Sadie’s writing on Detaild and follower her on Twitter as @sadiepr


Sherry’s update…

I’m struggling, y’all. I want this getting healthy and losing weight thing to be easy, but it’s not. And that is frustrating. I didn’t have a horrible week, but it wasn’t stellar. Honestly, keeping myself accountable here (and to all three of you who read these posts :)) is probably one of the things that motivated *anything* healthy this week. Also? I’m still hating the steroids!


  • I didn’t eat an entire peach cobbler. This is mostly because I burned it, but the old me would have pushed past that detail to devour it anyway.
  • Weight…I lost 3 pounds from last week’s crazy! So, I’m down 12.4 pounds from 12 weeks ago and 23 pounds since my highest of 301.
  • Inches…I got rid of 4.5 inches from last week. So, I’m down 25 inches total from 12 weeks ago.


  • Not getting discouraged about this weight/inches/swelling situation. I know it’s not all just my behavior, but it’s hard not to get frustrated.

So, how did you all do this week?

Past Posts on my fitness Journey…

Fitness Friday: Week Nine & Living With Extreme Food Allergies

Every week, along with my progress update, I’m sharing guest posts from friends who are making changes in their lives to live more healthily. This week my guest posters are Lauren Vargas and Leo Souza. Lauren was born with life-threatening allergies to dairy, they have one daughter with no food allergies, one daughter with life-threatening allergies to eggs, and Leo loves to eat and cook for all of them. I take for granted, every day, that my family can eat whatever I set in front of them without much thought. I am amazed at the way Lauren has always eaten and the adjustments Leo has made to be able to share his love of food and keep his family safe.

Lauren’s words…

Growing up with a severe food allergy felt like I was always living without. Without pizza. Without rocky road ice cream. Without cheeseburgers. Without chocolate bars. Without. When I went to birthday parties, I could never eat the snacks the other kids were devouring and was relegated to a Tupperware container of safe foods. Living without felt more like the exclusion of food.

The doctors said I would grow out of my allergy to milk and all milk products. Two years. Four years. Six years. Now, thirty-one years has past and I am as severely allergic to milk and all derivatives as I was on Day One. Whether I touch or ingest milk products, I go into anaphylactic shock. Taking Lactaid or grimacing through stomach issues is not an option. The Epi Pen has saved me on more occasions than I care to remember.

Twenty years ago, people did not recognize food allergies as they do today. Having an allergy of this extreme was ostracizing. Very rarely did we eat out at restaurants as a family, and I could only eat McDonalds hamburgers plain without the bun. My mother made everything from scratch. We lived overseas and did not have milk replacements readily available. So as my parents heard of new milk replacements come into the market, my dad would fight to have them brought to our military base and my mom would have me try each one. Nasty as they were, we did try to cook and bake with these replacements.

As a young adult, I felt safe cooking with food at home. Unless it was a Chinese restaurant, celebrations were limited to Sonic. The same basic ingredient list of meat, potatoes, rice and pasta dominated my limited home menu. Until I met Leo and started to travel on business.

Two events opened up a whole new world of food to me. The first was our trip to Montreal. Leo researched all the surrounding restaurants and coordinated meals for me to eat. He just wanted me to relax and explore the city at his side. I have never eaten better. Well…perhaps we might have on our honeymoon to Paris.

The second food nirvana moment was in Las Vegas two years ago. A close group of friends got together for a delicious five-course meal. The friend who had organized (at this time I did not know him very well) ensured I could have each divine dish. I ate at a restaurant away from home. I felt safe. I laughed. I started to live with and not without.

Our oldest daughter does not have a single allergy, but a year ago, we discovered our youngest daughter, two years-old, is as allergic to eggs and I am to milk. For my husband, there was no option about Lyra ever feeling she had to live without anything. We discovered an online bakery called Divvies that sells dairy, gluten and egg free treats of all kinds that satisfies our sweet tooth. Also, we have modified our diet to high protein with vegetables. Out go the carbs (for the most part). We are eating healthier than ever. I have dropped several pants sizes and we are discovering fresh new foods. Since I am not the domestic of the two us, let me introduce my husband, Leo to explain.

Leo’s words…

Shocked. That’s how I was when Lauren told me about her allergy. I had heard of people with sensitivity to milk, but never ever had I heard of anyone with a milk allergy so strong that it could kill you.

You see, I loooove food, which is something that I acquired from my parents, who still enjoy going out for a delicious meal, as well as preparing some extraordinary recipes at home. Even when I was still living and working in São Paulo (Brazil), the main discussion at the office was always which restaurant we would go out to eat that day. Eating well to me is an integral part of fully enjoying life.

So when I heard about Lauren’s allergy, I took my main course of action when confronted with something new: research. I searched online for information about her allergy and also asked her a million questions to understand more.

I was never a boy scout, but I always liked their motto: be prepared. When we went to Paris, for example, my preparation included scouting online all the Thai and Chinese restaurants close to our hotel (always a good backup option) and also creating a portable list with all the ingredients that Lauren couldn’t have, written in Portuguese, English and French. Arriving at a restaurant, I would talk to the waiter, present the list and inquire about meals without those items. Not only did we eat divinely the whole time in Paris, but we also had the best chocolate ice cream I’ve ever had in my life (and yes, completely dairy-free).

All fine when we were eating out, but how about cooking at home, which became a lot more frequent once we had our two girls to keep us busy (and one of them with a severe egg allergy)? We couldn’t just keep eating out all the time, so we would have to find a solution to cook at home. We had a few egg-and-dairy-free recipes that we would cook practically every week, for the simple reason that we were familiar with the ingredients to buy (chicken, potatoes, tomatoes, ground beef, etc.) and because they were easy to prepare. We would always say that “next week” we would plan a diverse set of meals for the week and buy the ingredients in advance, but this next week would never come. We had lost the “be prepared” motto somewhere along the way…

Until one day we heard about “Sara’s Supperclub” from some friends that live just around the corner from our house. The premise of their service is pretty simple: for a reasonable price ($125 at the moment), every Monday afternoon they deliver at our door a list with 4 recipes for the week, plus all the ingredients to prepare it. Not only are these recipes a combination of the delicious-and-healthy Mediterranean diet, each one of them contains enough for 4 adult portions, which means that between us and the kids we get a total of 8 meals out of them (sometimes even more). In just one act we:

  1. Eliminated the burden of deciding what to eat every week. The answer to “what’s for dinner?” is always “I don’t know, let me check the list of recipes” :)
  2. Saved a lot of time from not having to go hunt down every ingredient ourselves
  3. Provided us with recipes way better and more diverse than we would ever have planned (e.g. who would have thought that both of our girls would love mussels?)

Now what about the egg and dairy allergies? Before joining the service, I contacted one of the Sara’s and made an agreement that they wouldn’t send any dairy or egg ingredients in our bags. The only thing I have to do each week then is to check all the egg/dairy ingredients that will be needed and arrange replacements.

After doing this for a few months, I must say I’m almost an expert at replacing ingredients. My favorite: replacing Greek yogurt with a mix containing half Tofutti Cream Cheese + half Tofutti Sour Cream. It works like a charm. :)

Here are some other replacements:

  • EnerG Egg Replacer (Wholefoods) – We have used this substitute for all of our baking and even fried rice!
  • Silk Soy Milk (cooking and baking)
  • Silk Soy + Lemon for buttermilk substitute
  • Daiya for cheddar and mozzarella cheese substitute – No aftertaste and great for pizza.
  • Countrycrock Sheddspread for butter substitute
  • Toffuti Cream Cheese – Make a healthier and tastier cheesecake, yes, it is possible!
  • Tofutti Sour Cream

Any recipe is possible!


Sherry’s update…

Well, after last week’s mayhem, I was worried about this week. I haven’t done a stellar job this week, but it’s been substantially better than last week.


  • I drank H2Orange every day. Not a full gallon, and maybe not even 60 oz, but at least some every day!
  • I mostly got back on eating only when I was hungry, and eating slowly to better identify when I was full.
  • Weight…I lost a pound, so I’m at 277! So, that’s 13 pounds since I started the program and 24 pounds since my high of 301 in August.
  • Inches…lost 2.5 inches this week! That’s a total of 24.5 inches since March.


  • I didn’t get all the way back in my routine, and it’s so much easier to make lazy choices when you’ve been off the wagon for a while.
  • I didn’t get in all of my hydration and I know that’s what allowed me to eat when I wasn’t necessarily hungry and to give in to some sugar cravings.

How was your week?

Past Posts on my fitness Journey…

Fitness Friday: Week Eight…Run Over By The Wagon

I haven’t just fallen off the wagon, I’ve been run over by the wagon. I went out of town for work this week, and it’s safe to say there was a little bit of crazy happening for me in the food department. More than a little bit. If you follow me on Instagram, you saw every bit of food I ate over the last three days. And it tasted so very good.

But I’m back in the office and home now. Let the detox and climbing back on the wagon begin!


  • Umm, I didn’t actually bathe in the bourbon sauce from the bread pudding?
  • Weight…I maintained at 278. Which, to me, means that my body is giving me a second (or eighth) chance to get it right this week.
  • Inches…I also maintained here (I lost a bit in the waist, but gained a bit in the belly, so it’s a wash).


I had wondered since I started the program how I would do when I went out of town and it wasn’t so easy to drink my H2Orange and regulate my food. Now I know. So I guess it’s both a challenge and a success?

How was your week?

Past Posts on my fitness Journey…

Fitness Friday: Week Six & Kim Borchert Inspires!

I can’t believe it’s been six weeks since I left the fat-girl closet with you all! In addition to my usual updates, this week starts a series of guest posts I’ve lined up to share with you. I have so many friends who are inspiring me with their life changes and I wanted you to hear from them. This week’s guest is Kim Borchert. I asked Kim to write a guest post because she a super busy woman who set a fitness goal and worked her (normal-sized) butt off to reach it. She’s inspiring, ya’ll!

Kim’s words…

“I have never been an athletic girl. I danced for 7 years and played soccer and even football. But I was always the one with the pot belly that couldn’t run the mile without getting winded. I was slow and while I loved playing games, hated the competition of it all.

Then in Jr. High I tried the track team. I was good at sprints – short and fast distances were good. But I still didn’t love it. I had always loved the water, so in that time, I joined a city swim team. I loved the non-contact sport and loved being in the water. Again, I was never very fast, but I really enjoyed myself. I swam and joined the diving team in high school. This lasted until middle of my Sophomore year when we moved. My new high school not only didn’t have a swim or diving team, but it didn’t even have a pool!

The rest of my high school days were spent trying to avoid running. My senior year of high school I even took a modern dance class to avoid running.

It has been 17 years since I graduated from high school. In that time I have tried running and never loved it. I have fallen in love with cycling, and kept up my love affair with swimming. In the last 10 years however, I have given birth to 5 babies. Five pregnancies in 8 years really took a toll on my body and as much as I tried, I was not getting the weight off.

Feeling frustrated and really defeated I had decided this was just how my body was going to be. It was what it was and there was nothing I could do about it. Then I had an opportunity to train for a 5K or a half marathon with the help of an experienced mentor.

I jumped on this opportunity. I wanted to do something for myself. I wanted to prove to myself I could do it.

For 15 weeks I ran at least 4 times a week. I was slow, oh so slow. When I started I could barely run a mile and a half. I will never forget after my first run crying that there was no way I would be able to run 13.1 miles when I couldn’t even run ONE!  My wise husband reminded me I wasn’t running tomorrow and to just take it one run at a time.

I did this. I took it one step at a time. Some miles were easier than others. Some miles were fun and some were downright torturous. But, 15 weeks after my 1st run, I did it. I ran 13.1 miles and finished my first half marathon.

I say first because I absolutely will do it again. The weight is coming off, but more important, I found myself. I found parts of me that have been buried for longer than I can remember. I found that I enjoyed taking care of myself and that I was worth it.”

Kim is the Mama to 5 hooligans, 1 in Heaven and 4 on Earth. She and her husband are recent transplants to Texas and she loves running in the mild Texas winters. You can read more of her ramblings on her personal blog, Prairie Mama and follow her on Twitter!


Sherry’s Week Six update:


  • A gallon of H2Orange every day this week.
  • I put on a pair of 24 pants I haven’t been able to wear in two years (and they are kind of big!) When I started my program, I was wearing a 28.
  • One exercise session this week.
  • I had my yearly physical last week and my numbers are already improving!
  • Weight: I maintained again at 280.0, so I’m still at 10 pounds lost on the program and 21 pounds lost since my high of 301. While this is good, it’s also frustrating to know I’d be losing if I were following the program more closely.
  • Inches: I lost 2.5 inches this week! I’m down 22 inches total so far!
  • I saw several people this week who I haven’t seen in a couple of months and they all commented on the weight loss. It was fun to know that other people are noticing.


  • I had several episodes of sugar cravings (they corresponded directly with stress) that I gave in to. I didn’t beat myself up over them, but it’s something I think I’ll have to watch my whole life.
  • I wanted to exercise more, but wasn’t able to get it done.
  • There were one or two times when I ate when I wasn’t hungry.
  • I’m really having to fight getting upset with myself when I don’t have a perfect eating day.


How was your week?

Past Posts on my fitness Journey…

Fitness Friday: Week Four

This was a hard week. I had a really stressful work week and I used that as an excuse to eat three different times when I wasn’t hungry. I know that doesn’t sound like that huge a deal, but it was. I mean, the whole point of this program is to only eat when you’re hungry. So… blech. But, I’m in it for the long haul, right? I will continue to work on making myself as healthy as possible.


  • A gallon of H2Orange every day this week.
  • I walked twice this week for 30 minutes or so each time.
  • I hit almost 10,000 steps once this week!
  • Weight: I lost a couple of ounces, but after the week I had I’m just happy not to have gained. (10.2 pounds lost in the program, 21 pounds lost since August)
  • Inches: I lost another inch. I gained in some places, but lost in others, so it averaged out to another inch. (19 inches lost total)



  • Stress eating. I had hoped that I would react better to stress than I did, but I didn’t. It’s something I’m going to have to work on, obviously.
  • I wanted to exercise a lot more than I was able. My heel is just killing me and really restricting how much physical activity I can accomplish.
  • Stress eating. It was such a challenge this week, it gets two bullets.

So, how was your week?

Past posts from my fitness journey…

Week Three

Week Two

Week One

I’m Fat, But That’s Changing

Fitness Friday: Week Three

Three weeks in! Here’s the breakdown for the week:


  • I’m still steering clear of caffeine for the most part. Over the last week, I had one can of diet soda and one 20 oz. bottle of diet soda (consumed over two days!) This is a giant improvement over the 3+ bottles I used to have every day.
  • I drank a full gallon of the H2Orange every day this week. And learned that I don’t love the cherry pomegranate Crystal Light.
  • I added two exercise sessions. I walked about a mile with the boys once this week and a mile and a half by myself yesterday. I’ve also been trying to get more steps in at the office (taking the long way around or tagging along if someone needs to run an errand). And I’m sitting on my exercise ball at my desk at home (that’s for the core or something, right?).
  • I know this wasn’t one of my goals for weight loss, but not buying breakfast or as big a lunch every day is saving me a lot of money! Bonus!
  • I only ate when I was hungry!
  • Weight…I lost 3.4 pounds this week! That means I’ve hit the 10 pounds lost since March 26th! That is also 21 pounds lost since my heaviest last August. Doing the happy dance!
  • Inches…I lost 5.75 inches this week. The biggest change was in my abs, which I expected because my, umm, lady friend left today. I was happy to see the first change in my bicep, though, as that’s always the last place to lose for me.


  • Y’all. Easter chocolate? The Devil. I did have four pieces of chocolate candy this week. It was fun size, but I knew I shouldn’t have it, but did. Not beating myself up about it, but it’s been a challenge to resist the kids’ candy.
  • I am not hungry at dinner time any more. This isn’t bad for my body, but I miss eating with my kids. So it makes me want to eat when I’m not hungry. I still sit with them at the table while they eat, but it feels not the same.


This week’s lesson in my program was about Sugar (aka, the Devil’s tool). I knew we (Americans) ate a lot of sugar, and I knew that it was bad for you…but I hadn’t really looked at the numbers before. It’s estimated that Americans eat 200 pounds of sugar per person, each year. In 1948 we ate 15 pounds of sugar per person, per year. I’m fairly sure I’m responsible for at least 70% of the daily allotment of the people who don’t eat sugar. I’m also noticing how much sugar is in processed/packaged foods. I feel dumb for not noticing the impact before now. A couple of the stats that freaked me out the most were: (1) the caloric density of one slice of shortening-iced birthday cake with a scoop of ice cream is the same as 1/2 pound of cooked pot roast, (2) one slice of pecan pie has the same caloric density as four English muffins, and (3) one package of peanut M&Ms has the same caloric density as 6 large peaches.

These lessons are important because of the awareness. I can’t pretend not to know these things any more.

So, how did your week go?

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Week Two

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I’m Fat, But That’s Changing



Fitness Friday: Week Two

Week two is done! This week was more difficult than I expected, but I made it through. Here’s the breakdown:


  • I’m sleeping better. This is a huge one for me. I know that a big part of this is that I’m having almost zero caffeine now that I’m not drinking as many diet sodas. I may have one with lunch, but that’s the most (and that’s not even every day).
  • I’m not as tired during the day. I have so much more energy during the day and I’m not crashing in the late afternoon like I usually do.
  • I’m still managing to drink the gallon of H2Orange every day.
  • Weight…I have lost three more pounds (that’s 6.6 total so far).
  • Inches…I lost another 1.5 inches! My abdomen measured an inch bigger than last week, but I’m not stressing as I fully expect that to be an area that fluctuates a lot.


  • Sugar…as I mentioned last week, sugar and sweets are my biggest challenge. I had a serving of peach cobbler at my Grandma’s house last weekend and a candy apple yesterday. I’m not happy about this, but knowing I’m in the for the long haul, I’m trying not to let it be a huge downer.
  • Eating when I’m not hungry. The major point of the program I am on is to retrain yourself to know when you are really hungry and to only eat at those times. Twice this week I’ve eaten when I wasn’t hungry, but rather because it was “time” to eat. Each of those times I’ve eaten a normal portion and I’ve still felt sick to my stomach afterward. Ooooohhhh, so you’re only supposed to eat when you’re hungry!
  • Sugar. This is Easter weekend, y’all. With all the treats and sweets that implies.

Past Weeks

Week One

I’m Fat, But That’s Changing

So, how was this week for you?