Conversations With Tobin: Hero Edition

Tobin is obsessed with Heroes right now. A Hero is anything from comic-book and movie characters to one of the boys’ action figures (even the bad guys). The other night, while I was snuggling with him in bed, we had the following conversation:

Tobin: Where’s my hero?

Me:We had to put him away, you couldn’t sleep with him, or he would poke you.

Tobin: I like my hero.

Me: I know, you like heroes a lot, don’t you?

Tobin: I like heroes a lot.

Me: Who is your favorite hero?

Tobin: Mommy.

And then my heart melted. It was quite a mess.


Conversations with Nicholas ~ Dog Heaven Edition

On the way to school early this week…

Nicholas: Mom?
Me: Yes?
N: Do you think that Brittany [our dog who died about 1.5 years ago] has found Daddy Mark? In Heaven, I mean?
M: Of course. I think that Daddy Mark was waiting for Brittany the second she got to Heaven. What do you think?
N: I think so too. And I think they’re playing fatch.
M: “Fatch”? Do you mean “fetch”?
N: No. Fatch. Fatch is catch and fetch together [editor’s note: the “duh” was implied here]

So there you have it. Brittany is in Heaven with Daddy Mark and they are having a blast playing Fatch.

Conversations with Nicholas: Sweetest Big Brother Ever Edition

Both the boys are getting over having been sick for a couple of weeks (not sequentially, but with some overlap). Basically, our home had the plague for a couple of weeks. N first got sick with an asthma flair up and that was the first part of the sweetest-big-brother-ever conversation.

Nicholas came in to our room at 5:00 in the morning having a very hard time breathing so we ran to his room to set up a nebulizer treatment. After he told me how scared he was and that he couldn’t breathe because it felt like someone was sitting on his chest, he said,

N: “Mommy, maybe we shouldn’t do the treatment.”
Me: “Why, honey, you know you need it.”
N: “Because <gasp> the machine <gasp> is so loud <gasp> it might wake Tobin.”

Needless to say, he got the treatment, but we did shut the door to his bedroom while we did it.

N’s next part of the conversation was when he was laying on the couch with a wicked stomach bug, and he said,

N: “Mommy, Tobin shouldn’t touch me.”
Me: “Why?”
N: “Because I’m sick and we don’t want Tobin to get my disease.”

See? Sweetest big brother ever. And I have to write this stuff down just in case they don’t like each other as teenagers. I need proof of the love.

Conversations with Nicholas: Finding Your Spouse Edition

Hanging out with Nicholas the other night before bed he asked me, “Mommy? How will I find the person I need to marry?”

Me: Well, there are a lot of ways to meet the person you would like to marry.

N: But how will I know they are the right person? Never mind, I think I know.

Me: You do? How?

N: Well, here are the important things…You need to not pick someone who is too old, because you don’t want to lose them too soon.

Me: <in my head> Baby, I’m so sorry you are thinking about losing your spouse when you are five years old…<out loud> Well, being pretty close to the same age can be good.

N: I think you should also look for someone who doesn’t have on a wedding ring.

Me: Good idea.

N: Also? It’s very important to marry someone who likes Mario Bros. because I’m still going to be into video games when I grow up. Just like Daddy is still into video games.

Me: It is important that you like some of the same things that your spouse likes.

N: Maybe the person I marry should have a house with lots of Mario posters too. Like my room.


And that, my friends, is the criteria for the person you should marry. Now you know.


Conversations with Nicholas, Mattress Edition

Nicholas: “Mom, I have a pain in my stomach.”

Mom: “Are you okay? Do you think you ate too much at dinner?”

Nicholas: “No. I think I need a new mattress. I think I need the Sleep Number mattress.”

Mom: “Huh?”

Nicholas: “Those people on the commercial all have pains in their backs, and needed a Sleep Number mattress.”

Mom: “Okaaay?”

Nicholas: “Mommy, I sleep on my stomach. I have a pain in my stomach. I need a Sleep Number mattress. I think I’m a 100.”

Mom: “I think you’re watching too much television.”