Craftiness: Painted Frames for Photos and Art

Like everyone with young kids (especially if they’re in daycare), we get a lot of artwork home from the boys. And I want to display it, at least for a little while. I’ve been looking around for inexpensive ways to do it (I’ve found a lot of great ways to display, but most of them were more than I was willing to pay).

As I do, I turned to Pinterest for ideas. I wanted it to be simple, and I wanted to make it colorful, so I settled on the empty frame with wire and clothes pins project. I’m happy-ish with how it turned out. I really like the colors, and it does the job well, but I’m really not good at spray painting. So, it’s not as shiny and smooth as I wanted it (even though I *thought* I followed all the directions on the can); but, I still like it.

I have them up at my office so I can have more color there and have bits of the kids’ work around me.

These are just raw wood frames I picked up at Hobby Lobby, picture-hanging wire, spray paint for the frames, and wooden clothes pins painted with acrylic paint. That’s not much of a tutorial, is it? The only real tip I have about this whole process is that I clipped the clothes pins to the top of a cheap plastic cup to paint them. It kept my fingers clean and made the whole process a little faster.

How do you display your art and photos?

Crafty Supplies

Crafty Supplies

Look, Ma, no paint! On my fingers, I mean.

Look, Ma, no paint! On my fingers, I mean.

Optimus Prime! Sorry, we've been watching a lot of Transformers.

Optimus Prime! Sorry, we’ve been watching a lot of Transformers.

The sunniest yellow ever!

The sunniest yellow ever!

They do the job, y'all. Sometimes that's all you can ask of a craft.

They do the job, y’all. Sometimes that’s all you can ask of a craft.


Crafting: Felt Winter Wreath

The only craft I did for Christmas decorations this year was an easy felt wreath for our coat closet door. It’s basically the first thing you see when you walk into our apartment, and I didn’t want it to be naked. I wanted to make an ombre wreath, so I chose shades of blue. Like most crafts I do, I kept it pretty free form and simple. It’s based on the same tutorial I used for the Thanksgiving wreath I made. This wreath is so easy, you still have time to make it before Christmas. This is a good craft for older kids to help with (up to the hot gluing, then you might want to take over).

You’ll need:

  • Felt,
  • A Styrofoam form,
  • Sharp scissors,
  • Hot glue gun,
  • An ornament to hang from the middle, and
  • A ribbon for hanging the wreath

To make:

  • Cut strips from the felt the height you want for the scallops (mine were about two inches high and I got 5 or so strips from the sheets)
  • Cut individual scallops from the strips by first cutting rectangles the width you want the scallops and then rounding one end,
  • Decide the pattern you want for your colors,
  • Use the hot glue to glue the felt scallops to the wreath form, slightly overlapping so that the form doesn’t peek through
  • Tie the ribbon around where you want the top of the wreath to be and hang your ornament from the bottom of the ribbon (this is a good way to do it in case you want to change out the ornament later)



  • Don’t forget that you want to make an ombre-style wreath and begin gluing the scallops all willy-nilly. Or do. Like I did. Good thing I like how it turned out.
  • The distance you place between the rows will dictate how thick the wreath gets. I like them crowded together and spaced father apart, so you really can’t mess up.


Photographic evidence of the supposed-to-be-ombre-style-wreath-that-still-ended-up-being-really-pretty.

Scallops cut out and waiting to be glued

Overlap those suckers!


Finished and happily hanging!

I would love links to your Christmas crafts!

Making Spring Wreaths

It’s Spring, ya’ll! Or practically Summer if you go by the temperatures we’ve already had here. And the mosquitos. They are going to be epic this year. But that’s not my point! My point is, it’s Spring and I wanted some color on my doors.

So, I whipped up a couple of wreaths, one for the front door of the apartment and one for the hall closet (if you can call the space between the refrigerator and Nicholas’ bathroom a hall).

Outdoor Wreath

I bought a grapevine wreath from Hobby Lobby, some bright yellow spray paint, and some coordinating fabric and went to town. I have been wanting to do some bunting to decorate, and thought this would be a good place to do it. I cut out some diamond shapes from the fabric, folded them in half, and used some orange embroidery thread to stitch the edges. I kept a section at the top of each diamond to thread some orange cord through to hang on the wreath. I spray painted the wreath, strung the bunting, tied it to the wreath and I was done! I love it, but wish my front door wasn’t hunter green.


Hall Door Wreath

I’ve been wanting to do a yarn wreath and Hobby Lobby had some great paper flowers on sale, so I took this chance to do it! I grabbed a Styrofoam wreath form, some grass-green yarn, three big ol’ paper flowers, and some coordinating ribbon to hang it. This wreath is super simple, just wrap the yarn around the form (fairly tightly), poke some holes in the wreath where you want to stick the flowers, squeeze some hot glue in the holes to secure the flowers, and then wrap a bit of the ribbon on the top to hang. Done! I love the pop of color I see when I come in the front door of my apartment.

Have you done any crafts for Spring? What’s your favorite way to bring Spring in to your home?

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Easter Tradition: Making An Easter Egg Tree

My Mom did Easter decorating right. On Easter morning we woke to find our big dining table turned into a spring wonderland. Our baskets were full of goodies and maybe a couple of toys, the table was covered with a pretty white table cloth, crotchet bunnies made by my Grandmother dotted the table, and in the center of the table was the Easter Egg Tree.

I loved the Easter Egg Tree. Mom would let me help to empty raw eggs so we could dye the eggs and put ribbon on one end. The tree was simple, just a branch in a pretty container with our eggs on it. But the tree, surrounded by all the other Easter stuff? Magic. I loved it.

Even though we don’t really have a place to put it in our small apartment, I thought I’d make an Easter Egg Tree. It was really simple and doesn’t take too many supplies.

Supply list:

  • 1 Smallish Tree Branch (with as many little branches as you need/want to hang eggs),
  • 1 squirt of acrylic paint (if you want to paint your branch),
  • a sponge paintbrush
  • 1 small block of florist foam (big enough to stick the branch into without it falling over),
  • a container for the foam and branch (I used a small silver bucket I already had),
  • Easter eggs for hanging (mine are styrofoam eggs I bought at the hospital gift shop, but you could make real ones if you’re ambitious),
  • enough Easter grass to hide the foam around the tree.

My friend, Linda, brought me the branch and after de-thorning it (it was mesquite), I dabbed yellow paint on it. I wanted it to look rustic, so I didn’t coat the branch too thickly. If you want it to be a more solid color let the paint dry between coats and keep painting until you’re happy with the color.

Before the paint:

After the paint:

Foam in the bucket, branch in the foam, magazine pages wedged between bucket & foam for stability.

Hang the eggs on the tree, put extra on the grass, add a little bird friend and you’re done!

I hadn’t thought about my Mom’s Easter Egg Tree in years. Then, last month at BlissDom, some fabulous folks from Hershey’s had a fantastic booth. Attendees got to choose an Easter basket and some awesome goodies and then it was shipped to our homes. Y’all, this was a seriously fun booth. We got our basket the other day and meant to keep all the goodies for Easter. That didn’t happen, but we enjoyed them while they lasted! You can check out some cool tips and read about other family’s Easter traditions on the Hershey site’s Easter section.

Fabulous Easter Basket from Hershey’s


What is your favorite Easter tradition?

*This is not a sponsored post, but the lovely Easter basket was sent to BlissDom attendees at no cost to us. Because Hershey’s is sweet. Get it? Sweet. Heh.

Pin Me!

Hi, my name is Sherry, and I’m addicted to Pinterest. I use the website for fun stuff, but also to keep me organized. I like to rip pages out of magazines for useful or fun ideas, and Pinterest is basically doing that but with pictures you’ve taken off of websites. Basically, it’s a site made just for me.

So far, I’ve done Nicholas’ birthday party, picked out my current hairstyle, made several recipes, and found some awesome organizing techniques. Seriously useful. Be warned, though, Pinterest is a total timesuck. Total.

You should find me there and we can follow each other and be best Pinterest friends! Heh.