Birthday Giveaway from Studio Jewel!

My birthday is this Sunday and I want to celebrate with you! My awesomely talented friend, Lisa, makes gorgeous jewelry and we want to give you one of her pieces! If you want a chance for a $75 gift card to her Etsy shop for my birthday, all you have to do is share a special birthday memory with me in the comment section. I love to hear stories! I'll do a random pick from the entries on … [Read more...]

Thankful for Mom (and Happy Birthday)

I am thankful for my Mom, Wilma. Mom is pretty awesome. I could write a book about her awesomeness, but I'll give you a list instead. • She takes in strays, be they animal or human. • She is kind, even when you don't deserve the kindness. • She has pretty brown/gold/hazel eyes. • She has soft hands that are always really warm. • She tells great stories. • She is a really good … [Read more...]