My Mom Moves, Part II

In today's installment of Mom Moves, I'll talk about some of the everyday moves I use in my Mom role. The Striking Snake. You know this one. You see your child fall or reach for a bug to eat or pull something on top of themselves and you strike! You're faster than a stepped-on-rattler and you save the day! Or, you try really hard to catch, prevent or move your kid or the object going into, on … [Read more...]

My Mom Moves Part I

I have some wicked moves. Since I have had kids I have developed moves that rival the greatest martial artist. Or at least other parents. The following moves are all about soothing the baby or getting the baby to sleep (I'll write another one about my other Ninja moves next week). Let me describe and you be the judge. The Shuffle I do The Shuffle every day. I break it out when the baby is … [Read more...]