Scrapping: Soup Swap Recipe Cards & Jars

Recipe Cards & Card Covers
These are the really fun recipe cards and decorated jars I made for the Soup Swap I attended on Saturday night. Thanks again to the awesome Rachel for hosting! We needed to give the recipe for the soup we made, and I was excited to use some of my cooking-themed embellishments. I didn’t want to overly-embellish the recipe card itself in case someone wanted to just put it in a box or binder, so I made a little cover that the card could be slipped out of. My favorite part of the whole project was the little soup pot brad I used to keep the recipe card cover fastened.

Jar Tags
We were supposed to put the soup in a freezable container, but I couldn’t resist the quart-sized mason jars! I needed to mark the jar with the name of the soup, but I didn’t want to do anything permanent, so I tied them with a ribbon and made a little tag. It was a good way to use some of my scraps of ribbon and the scraps of cardstock left from the recipe cards.

Soup Swap FTW!

My friend Rachel learned about the 5th National Soup Swap and decided to host one locally with donated food going to the Food Bank of Corpus Christi.

The premise is that you make soup, get to hang out with some great people, and help fight hunger all at the same time. You bring the soup you make to swap with the other attendees and you also bring food to donate to your local food pantry. So, I went to H-E-B and stocked up on canned soup to donate and bought all the ingredients for a really tasty and healthy chili. And because I’m me, I got overly-crafty with the recipe card for the swap!

What could be better than homemade soups, donating to my local food bank, hanging out with good people for a few hours and getting to do some paper crafts? Umm, not much, that’s what.

I had planned to make the white bean and chicken soup that my awesome friend Steph taught me; but, my colleagues convinced me to make a chili that I’m calling “5 Can Chili.” It’s super easy and tasty and good for you (it originally came from a Cooking Light recipe).

Ingredients, Directions & Other Stuff!