Thanksgiving Wreaths

Gratitude Wreath PSK

I saw a few wreaths last year that I knew I wanted to try my hand at for Thanksgiving decoration this year. Here are there stories. Duhn Duhn (like Law and Order...get it? no? okay then...) Anyway... For the inside wreath, I kept it simple and used it to give our family a place to talk about gratitude throughout November.  I just took a Styrofoam form and wrapped it in chocolate brown yarn for … [Read more...]

Getting Our Halloween On!

Eyeball Covered Pumpkin PSK

This year is the first that N really wanted to do decorations for Halloween, and T got in on the act too. We don't have much room for doing anything inside, but we did a few things on our little apartment porch. We didn't do a lot, but we had fun doing the few things we did! Happy Halloween!     … [Read more...]

Making Spring Wreaths


It's Spring, ya'll! Or practically Summer if you go by the temperatures we've already had here. And the mosquitos. They are going to be epic this year. But that's not my point! My point is, it's Spring and I wanted some color on my doors. So, I whipped up a couple of wreaths, one for the front door of the apartment and one for the hall closet (if you can call the space between the refrigerator … [Read more...]