Reasons Why

I have always felt it was important to know why a person does something. Not so that it can be excused or reasoned away, but so it can be countered (or encouraged). I always thought, if I could just figure out the Why of the way I treat my body, I could change.

If I could just figure out Why. Why do I eat stuff that I know is bad for me? Why do I get lazy and not exercise? Why do I drink too much caffeine? Why? Because. I do.

At this point, it doesn’t matter Why. It’s just become another excuse. If I don’t figure out Why, then I can keep looking and won’t have to do anything about it! But driving in the car the other day, pondering the Why, I realized. The Why doesn’t matter.

The point is, I know I do it, and that should be enough to stop. I know when I do it and, really, I mostly know Why. So, I can work on giving up one of my last excuses. Giving up the search for Why is hard, yo.