The Freckle

I have a lot of freckles. Not tons, but enough that I could play connect the dots on my body and make some weird drawings. But today, I want to tell you about one freckle specifically. I hate The Freckle. I hate The Freckle because of where it is. I hate The Freckle because of what it means.

The Freckle is under my chin, about halfway between the tip of my chin and the top of my throat. You shouldn’t be able to see The Freckle. You know the only time you can see The Freckle? That’s right. When I have a double chin. That’s the only time The Freckle shows its ugly face. The only time The Freckle dares to show up is when it’s cushioned by layers of fluff. If you see The Freckle, that means my face has gotten fat.

My face is the last place on my body that shows weight gain. I know I’ve reached a bad place when my face starts gaining. And I know I’m at that place when The Freckle appears. I didn’t even know I had The Freckle until a couple of years ago. I was surprised to see The Freckle. I mean, how do you know something is on your body if you’ve never seen it in the mirror?

The Freckle is no longer tucked up safely under my chin. Where it belongs. The Freckle thinks it’s too good for its home. The Freckle needs to back up slowly until there is nothing more to see.

Perhaps I give The Freckle too much power? Or perhaps The Freckle needs to go back to where it belongs! Stupid The Freckle.

So, do you have something about yourself that is your maker for change? Something that, when it appears (or disappears), tells you it’s time to get moving?