Widow Wednesday: Intro

I feel as if there are a couple of different groups of you guys. You know, the three of you who read my posts. It seems that some of you found me because of my life as a parent and the others because of my experience as a widow. It also seems that the two groups may not always overlap. So, in an effort to categorize my posts even more than I already do (I think I may have a problem with making lists, it may take an intervention to help), I’m borrowing the title of “Widow Wednesdays.”

I got the idea for Widow Wednesdays from a fellow widow(er) Abel Keogh who writes a weekly column called Widower Wednesday. He let me borrow the title, thanks Abel!

Anyway, I am going to shoot for having my posts that are mostly about widow-ey topics happen on Wednesdays. Or it will be one of the many ideas I think are good and then completely forget to follow after a couple of times. One of those.