Birthday Giveaway from Studio Jewel!

My birthday is this Sunday and I want to celebrate with you! My awesomely talented friend, Lisa, makes gorgeous jewelry and we want to give you one of her pieces! If you want a chance for a $75 gift card to her Etsy shop for my birthday, all you have to do is share a special birthday memory with me in the comment section. I love to hear stories! I’ll do a random pick from the entries on Saturday.

So, tell me one of your special memories around birthdays (yours or someone else’s)!

And just as a teaser, check out a few of my favorite pieces from Lisa below. Of course you could randomly pick anything from any of her work, and I’d love it, so…

This bangle set with handstamped text and added charms










This gorgeous sterling silver and blue stone ring










These funky and delicate-looking earrings










This awesome “word” necklace. Lisa came out with this early this year, and I love the idea. I’m a word girl, so it resonated with me!