Out for Blood: Mosquitoes vs. Mommy

It’s mosquito season in south Texas, and the little buggers want my kids. They seem to want Tobin more than Nicholas this year, but Nicholas has had more than his fair share of attacks. In addition to the general itchiness and irritation of the bites, my kids seem to react pretty badly to them (huge bumps, a deep redness that sticks around for weeks, etc.)

Here’s some photographic evidence (with a very fast toddler as the one with the bites, the pictures aren’t very clear). You will see my expert Photoshop skills will make it easier for you to identify the bites (which are a couple weeks old by this point). These are just the few on his face. He’s also covered pretty extensively on his arms and legs.

Exhibit A:








Exhibit B:








I would love to hear what you do to fight the little bloodsuckers. Keeping my kids inside 24 hours a day doesn’t seem to be very practical. So, how do you combat mosquitoes?