Let the Resolutions Begin!

I’m feeling crazy this week, so I’m making all kinds of New Year’s Resolutions for 2012. Most of them revolve around organization or being organized. I haven’t fleshed them all out, but here are the basics:


  1. Nicholas’ closet,
  2. Our closet,
  3. My scrapbooking area,
  4. Kitchen pantry,
  5. Laundry area,
  6. Hall closet,
  7. Storage unit,
  8. Linen closet,
  9. Email (I have more than 700 unopened emails sitting in my inbox),
  10. Finances,
  11. Calendars (editorial and exercise),
  12. Chore chart, and
  13. Photos

Here’s what I want to accomplish: donating clothing items to my local hospital, donating phones to my local shelter, knowing the medicine we have in our cabinet (and getting rid of old stuff), committing to exercising, not having any overdraft charges, be move-out ready or downsize to a smaller storage unit, back-up photos for 2011, back-up photos monthly, set up kids’ doctors appointments for the year, quickly scrapbook T’s first year, and feel more relaxed.

Are you making resolutions for 2012? Feel like sharing?