The Post-BlissDom Swirl

There are a lot of things swirling in my brain post-BlissDom. Not comparing my beginning to someone else’s middle (@JonAccuff). The difference between popularity and likeability…and not having to choose between being likeable and being respected (@ssmirnav). The amazing connections and brilliant women I met. Being asked if I was bi-racial (@mrlady). At least I thought that was Shannon’s question. And looking for my hinge moment.

And here’s the one that I really need to get into my head: I’m a writer (@JeffGoins). I tell people I like to tell stories, but I shy away from saying I’m a writer. But Jeff seems to think I’m a writer. Maybe I just need some more practice.

I think it’s interesting that both Jeff and Jon talked about using the hours that nobody else wants to do what *I* want. So (and I can’t believe I’m saying this), I’m going to get up early to write and read and scrap. Because the time when my family is awake and I am home? That shouldn’t be the time when my face is lit up by the screen.

In the middle of the glitter and the laughing and the celebrity sightings (I’m talking about you, Lorax), these seeds of change found their way into my brain and my heart. It’s up to me now to nourish them. And, apparently, that nourishment will be happening at 5:00 a.m.