Fitness Friday: Week One

I made it through my first week, y’all! I started the weight-loss program through my hospital and it’s challenging a lot of my thinking. This week has been pretty big for me though! 


  • Within two days of starting the program, I noticed that the constant swelling of my feet and legs that hasn’t gone away since I was pregnant with Tobin went away! My hands are also significantly less swollen (which is great for putting on my wedding ring).
  • Zero sweets/sugar for the week. This one is really my biggest challenge. If I didn’t love candy and pastry like I do, I wouldn’t be fat. I’m not exaggerating. I don’t overeat meals, I overeat candy and sweet junk. So, for me to go an entire week without added sugar or candy is huge.
  • The program asks us to drink at least 60 ounces of this concoction they call H2Orange (seven parts water to one part orange juice with a package of Crystal Light powder for flavor). I’ve had a full gallon every day this week. Which also explains the awesome disappearance of the swelling.
  • Weight…I’ve lost three pounds this week! I’m so excited y’all! I know a lot of this is water weight and I have a lot more to lose, but I’m taking my successes as they come.
  • Inches…This really blew me away, but I’ve lost 10.75 total inches this week. What?!? It came off everywhere except my arms. I was stunned when I measured this morning.


  • I really, really wanted some candy on Wednesday. Thankfully I have some great support folk who talked me down. But it was the first hard core craving I had this week.
  • I’m spending a significant amount of time in the bathroom from all that H2Orange. But yay for no swelling!
  • I don’t eat dinner with the family any more. I mean, I still hang out with them while they are eating, but I don’t get hungry for dinner until much later in the evening than they eat, so I don’t eat with them.

I’m sure I’ll be reading this post later, when the pounds and inches are coming off so quickly, but I’m savoring the success this week! How did your week go?