Living in Limbo

Some of you know that my insanely smart and talented husband is in a field that is very difficult to secure a job in. Like, really hard. He’s been actively looking for a few years. While he looks, he’s also studying for an exam that will help him find one of those jobs. And this test is harder than anything I’ve ever done academically. He takes the current section of the exam (there are three parts, total) this summer and has been studying for months now. I feel like we’re in limbo. Waiting while William studies for his next exam. Waiting for the results of that exam. Waiting for William’s career-starting job. Most of the time I’m okay with the waiting. I love my job and am not in a hurry to leave. But, sometimes the waiting is awful. I feel like we’re waiting to live somewhere permanent (I always assumed I’d live in my own home by the time I was almost 40). Waiting to have all of our stuff around us (a significant portion of our stuff is in a storage unit because it won’t fit in our apartment). Waiting. Most of the time I’m okay with it because I know how incredibly hard William is working to make a better life for us. But every now and then? I can’t stand the waiting.