Home Inventory Made Easy & Giveaway! Updated: Winner!

I like to be prepared. William thinks I’m paranoid, but I like to call it prepared.  Luckily, he goes with it. One of the ways my paranoia preparation rears its list-making is disaster preparation. We live in hurricane country which means for six months of every year, we know that a giant storm could hit our area and either cause drought-busting rain or full-out demolition of homes and businesses. For the record, I’d take a hurricane over a tornado most days. We also live in an apartment complex and, for some reason, that makes me really nervous about fires. I don’t know that there are really more fires in apartment complexes, but I worry that a random neighbor is going to fall asleep with a lit cigarette and burn us all out.

Anyway…I like to be prepared. So I was excited to get an email from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) telling me about a new app they have called myHOME Scr.APP.book. This free app helps you create a home inventory in case of theft or giant storms or smoking neighbors. I loved this app you guys. It allows you to scan barcodes, take photos of the items, list the cost of the item when you purchased it, and more. When your inventory is complete, it creates a file for emailing…in case you lose your phone in a fire. The app is easy to use and has all the information you need to file a claim with your insurance.

I love knowing that if something ever happens, I won’t have to try to figure out a home inventory in the middle of chaos. As a bonus, this app is also great for figuring out if you have enough home owner’s or renter’s insurance to cover all your stuff.

Go out and download this app! And start cataloging all your stuff. Before hurricane season begins.

You can learn all kinds of interesting things on the NAIC site. Everything from life insurance to home owner’s insurance and how to reduce risk. Soon, you too can be as paranoid prepared as me!

The nice folks at NAIC have provided a $50 gift card to Best Buy for one of my readers! Leave a comment below telling me which item in your home you would inventory first and I’ll pick a winner on May 21st!

Updated: Congratulations Jennifer Kitzman! You won the gift card! I’ll contact you with more details.