Conversations With Nicholas: Gerber Life Edition

On the way to school recently, we were discussing the PTA…

Nicholas: Mommy, are you going to join the PTA?

Sherry: No, it’s not something I can do with my schedule.

N: Because you have to work?

S: That’s right. PTA is easier for Moms and Dads who either work from home or don’t have another job.

N: Why do you have to work?

S: Because neither Dad nor I earn enough on our own for one of us not to work.

N: You used to only work and Daddy was looking.

S: That’s true, but we would have to give up a lot if one of us didn’t work. Like Tobin wouldn’t be able to go to daycare.

N: You should get Gerber for him.

S: What do you mean?

N: You know, the Gerber Life Plan. For just pennies a day, you can get coverage that will pay for Tobin’s life insurance and his school. It even pays for college later. Problem solved.

S: Oh. Hey…do you think you watch too much television?