House Hunting Gone Bad

I’ve been in house-hunting mode for a couple of years. We actively looked for a month or so before we put it on hold. But, I’m still in the habit of spotting for-sale signs on properties in our neighborhood. Especially if it’s a house that’s been for sale in the last couple of years that we’ve looked at before. That’s how this happened…

Me: Honey, that house down our street is for sale again! I saw a sign on the lawn!
W: Which house?
Me: The one that was kind of ugly and then they repainted it and it looks really good now?
W: Wow, that was fast.
Me: I know! Let’s go look at it on the way home tonight!
W: Sure.

Pulling in to the driveway of the house…

W: I’m going to go look in the windows
Me: Me too!

William walks up to the windows to start looking in…I look at the sign to see who the agent is…

Me: Honey! It’s not for sale! The sign is for the company that replaced the windows! Aaaaaaayyyyy!!!!!!!
W: Crap! Get back in the car!

And so we drove away as fast as we could. And were really glad the people who own the home seemed not to be home.