2013 Mother of The Year Winner: Missed School Events Edition

I don’t get to do that much at N’s school. Even though I have an amazing boss who works really hard to let us participate in events during the day, there are a lot of things I just can’t get to. Luckily, Nicholas understands that and has never been upset when neither William nor I can do something. Today was not one of those days. I could have made it to the end-of-year awards ceremony. It wouldn’t have been any problem. The teacher sent home a note, and she emailed us on Friday that it was going to be today. But, I got the dates mixed up. In my mind, it was supposed to be on Wednesday. So, my sweet boy, who is having a hard time at school right now, got two certificates and a medal with not a single person from his family there cheering.

I saw the certificates when we went through his backpack this evening, but I thought they were just given to him in class. And I saw him with the medal tonight, but thought it was last year’s medal. And then it struck me that it was today. I checked my email and sure enough, we had missed his assembly. And because his Grandpa, W’s parents, and N’s Aunt and Uncle depend on us to tell them this stuff, they all missed it too. Mother fucker.

He was still awake when I realized what had happened, and I asked him if he was upset. He said no, that he was okay. He even told me that we could go to the next one. Because he’s a sweet, sweet boy. But I still feel like a complete asshole. And I’m so sad.

Tomorrow I’ll brag about my boy after we take some pictures of him with his medal and certificates.