Post-Surgery Update, Now With More Pounds

So! It’s been a little over a year since my surgery, and several months since I checked in here with you all. Guess what happened in those few months of no accountability? I regained! I stopped making good food choices and I haven’t been exercising. Although there are several reasons for those two things, including a month or so of depression, it hasn’t helped that I haven’t been checking in here. What I’m saying is, it’s all your fault. Or something. Wait…that’s not right…

I’m working to get back to it, back to eating better and exercising, but things are going slowly. My strategy is to get back to basics. Avoiding added sugar and simple carbs, staying focused on protein, tracking my intake (not calories, but protein, fat, sugar, and water), and start moving again. I hurt my knee a few months ago and it gave me an easy excuse to stop working out. Blech.

I can tell a difference, and letting those bad habits trickle back in has impacted other parts of my routines too. I haven’t been doing other things I love, I haven’t wanted to play with the kids, I’ve not been sleeping as well, and I’m not feeling as perky.

My birthday is next week, and I want to start my new year on the right foot! And the left, since I need both to balance.

What do you do to get back on track with something you want to achieve?