Engagement Photos Rock!

We went up to Austin a couple of weeks ago and had our engagement pictures taken by Travis and Megan with Rebel With A Camera. If you'd like to take a look, visit the gallery. Just look under Engagements for Sherry & William, and check them out.We had such a great time with Travis and his trusty sidekick! I absolutely can't wait for them to capture our wedding day too.Sherry … [Read more...]

Happy New Year!

I'm sitting here, in the study/office, amid a huge pile of stuff. We're in the middle of moving, and even though a majority of our belongings are in storage, it still seems that the piles multiply when we're not looking.There is an old-wives' tale that says that what you are doing the moment Midnight comes on a new year is what you'll be doing the rest of the year. I like to be asleep at that … [Read more...]

Zany: Seven Things You Don't Know About Me

My good friend, and Wedding Fairy, Lauren Vargas tagged me for this Zany list. I'm honored to be tagged and will do my best to make it interesting.Seven Things You Don't Know About Me1. When I drive past the cemetery on the road to my Grandmother's house, I have to hold my breath from the beginning of the fence to the end, or the dead people will get me. I have no idea why holding my breath will … [Read more...]

Welcome to my thoughts!

Hey. How's it going? I'm Sherry, and I contribute to a few group-written blogs, so I thought I'd create a central gathering place for those thoughts. Come by when you get a chance, I've got lots of questions... Some of the fantastic folks I write for and with are PRSA San Antonio, This Mommy Gig, and Type A Mom. You should come by and visit, there are some great people in those three groups. … [Read more...]