Every Day Gratitude

The past few weeks have been challenging. W working a ton of late nights, my regular anxious time of the year, sassy little boys who make mornings more difficult than they need to be, and the time change wreaking havoc on the kids' sleep. But, I'm finding myself more grateful than I've been in a really long time. Every day gratitude. Gratitude for W's job which he worked so hard to get, my … [Read more...]

Awkward People Are My Favorite

This is a total cop-out you guys, but I haven't stopped laugh crying reading these tweets inspired by Jennifer Lawson's awkward confession. I'm not writing anything else because this is magic. The Bloggess' Awkward People. I scared the toddler and the dog while reading this because of the insane laughter it caused. … [Read more...]

November, Again.

Hey! Did you know I have a blog? One where I used to write at least once a week? I know, I'd forgotten too. I blame the baby. I mean, not in a bad way, just in the holy-moly-it-takes-a-lot-to-take-care-of-a-family-of-five kind of way. I've been lucky to write once a month in the past couple of years, and then only if something big-ish happened. But, it's November! November means that it's time … [Read more...]

Conversation With N & T: Every Day Racism

My friend, Issa posted a video on Facebook this summer that showed middle-school-aged children talking about the every day racism they encounter in their lives. I had the boys watch it with me one day and then we talked about it. This is part of our conversation... Me: What do you think about what those kids were saying? Nicholas: I don’t get it? Why do the workers in the restaurant think the … [Read more...]

My Father

I haven't seen my father since 1986. I was 11 when he left. Even before that, I wasn't around him much. He worked offshore when my parents were married, so there were long stretches when he wasn't home. When I was 8 my parents divorced and I rarely saw him for the next year or so. My mother moved when I was 10, so I moved in with my father, stepmother, and baby sister to start school in a new … [Read more...]