Birthday Party Fun ~ Adventure Time Style!

For Nicholas' recent 7th birthday party, he chose an Adventure Time theme. We love Adventure Time in our home...and it's possible that we watch it even if the boys aren't home. For the first time, we had a birthday party someplace other than a relative's home, so I knew there wouldn't be too much in the way of party decorations. But, I wanted to have something that was Adventure Time, so I did a … [Read more...]

Science The Rat and Nicholas

Science the Rat joined our family in October 2011. We had just watched an episode of Adventure Time, and Science the Rat is one of the characters (he's super smart and saves all the kingdom from zombiehood). I was in the gift shop at the hospital and there were a bunch of little stuffed animals in a Halloween theme (witch rats, pumpkin rats, etc.) Well, Science the Rat is a rat made of candy corn … [Read more...]