Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss, Texas and Tobin!

March 1st is the birthday of Dr. Seuss (a.k.a. Theodor Seuss Geisel), Texas (independence from Mexico, creating the Republic of Texas) and my baby, Tobin. Obviously great things happened on March 1st. Dr. Seuss? Great. Texas? Great. Tobin? The Greatest. Tobin is this amazing little boy who is happy, mischievous, clever, and so smart he scares me sometimes. When we chose his birthday (thank … [Read more...]

Thankful for Mom (and Happy Birthday)

I am thankful for my Mom, Wilma. Mom is pretty awesome. I could write a book about her awesomeness, but I'll give you a list instead. • She takes in strays, be they animal or human. • She is kind, even when you don't deserve the kindness. • She has pretty brown/gold/hazel eyes. • She has soft hands that are always really warm. • She tells great stories. • She is a really good … [Read more...]

Happy Birthday, William

This week has been a little crazy, and it's not over yet. But, I couldn't let the day end without wishing William a happy birthday. I sometimes forget that William and I have only been together three years. It seems that he's always been in my heart and my life. I have never been more myself than I am with him. William challenges me without making me angry. William laughs at me and doesn't let … [Read more...]