BlissDom 2013: The Good, The Very Good, and The Awesome

There is something special about spending almost an entire week with people who speak my language. People who speak Online Storytelling and Sparkle. It's a fairly specific language. Even better is how very different everyone is from each other. How - on paper - we shouldn't click, shouldn't like each other; but, somehow through this creative thing we all do, we fit. There are so many things I want … [Read more...]

Dyeing for Easter

Get it? "Dyeing" This is totally a post about dyeing Easter eggs. And having to look up the spelling for "dyeing" because it's weird. Last year, the boys and I made an Easter Egg Tree, but I haven't had a chance to get crafty this year (and I don't anticipate it happening any time soon). But! I saw this fun tutorial for dyeing eggs with Kool-Aid and we decided to try it. The author does a great … [Read more...]

BlissDom Roundup

So many really smart and talented women are writing posts about the upcoming awesome that is BlissDom. I am not one of them, because why duplicate the already good stuff that's out there? But! I decided to put as many as I could in one spot. For you. Because I love you. Prepping for BlissDom Kate at The Guavalicious Life talks about packing for a conference Natalie at Busy Budgeting Mama … [Read more...]

Headed to BlissDom 2013!

  I am so very excited to get to go to BlissDom again this year! Last year (my first BlissDom) was such a great experience, and I met so many amazing people, I couldn't wait to find out whether I'd get to go to the 2013 conference. Three things happened to make it possible for me to go this year: BlissDom is in Dallas this year, so I can drive! This also provides a chance to make … [Read more...]

What’s In It For Me? Or Why I Have A Blog

When I was getting ready for BlissDom '12, one of the many questions that came up was what my blog was about. There are people who write on blogs who have very specific niches, and some, like me, who don't (although I have more of a niche than a lot of people). I have a little blog, I don't have advertising, I haven't done any sponsored writing, and the giveaways I've done have been wonderful … [Read more...]