Book Review: Raising Digital Families for Dummies

Both of my kids are "digital natives" having no idea what the world was like before the Internet, mobile phones, and tablets and pads of all kinds. And, if you're the parent or teacher of a digital native, you think about how different their world is from the one in which we grew up. That's one of the reasons I was so excited to hear that Amy Lupold Bair was writing Raising Digital Families for … [Read more...]

When I Am Rich

When I am rich, I will... have a housekeeper, buy hardcover books, volunteer at the kids' schools, get manicures and pedicures every two weeks, go back to school, own a house with a small yard, go on vacation, have a craft room, have a swimming pool, become a librarian, have another baby, get a big dog, exercise every day, sponsor an artist, give money to PBS and … [Read more...]

A List of Smells

In no particular order, I don't like the smell of: Gardenias, jasmine, rubbing alcohol, sweat, patchouli, cigarettes, rose (but the tea-rose kind of rose, I like the sweet-smelling kind of rose), bacon (but only in the context of not wanting my home or clothes to smell like bacon, it's perfect-smelling while it's cooking and being eaten), musk, and hospitals/nursing … [Read more...]