Conversations With Nicholas: What Is Gay Edition

The other night, I was getting ready for bed, and Nicholas was on our bed playing his 3DS when the following conversation happened... Nicholas: Mom, what is "gay"? Sherry: It's when a man loves a man or a woman loves a woman. Nicholas: Oh. So, if Lemmon [our female dog] was a boy, and I loved her, I'd be gay? Sherry: Nope, like romantic love. The way that Mommy and Daddy love each … [Read more...]

Conversations With Nicholas: New Van Edition

We got a 2013 Honda Odyssey! Nicholas really likes it a lot, and has been pointing out all of the amazing features on every ride he takes. On the way home from the dealership, we had the following conversation: Nicholas: Mom, I really like this van! Me: I'm glad! I like it too. What do you like? N: It's a good color, you can fit more people in it, and we have air conditioning all the way … [Read more...]

Conversations With Nicholas: House Hunters Edition

Getting ready to meet the Realtor to see our first house... Me: Are you excited to look at the house? Nicholas: So excited! Will this be the house we buy? Me: Well, it might be; but, the whole process can take a while, so we shouldn't get too worked up about it. N: Will it have a yard for Lemmon to play in? Me: Yes, but since Lemmon is only 4 pounds or so, she doesn't need a huge … [Read more...]

Conversations With Nicholas: Gerber Life Edition

On the way to school recently, we were discussing the PTA... Nicholas: Mommy, are you going to join the PTA? Sherry: No, it's not something I can do with my schedule. N: Because you have to work? S: That's right. PTA is easier for Moms and Dads who either work from home or don't have another job. N: Why do you have to work? S: Because neither Dad nor I earn enough on our own for … [Read more...]

Conversations With Nicholas: Parenting Advice Edition

William and I alternate nights for taking the boys to sleep. William is much faster than I am, but I get better snuggles. Recently, Nicholas was really tired and wanted Tobin to go to sleep (like, Daddy fast), and he didn't think I was doing a great job getting T to be quiet. And so, the following conversation took place: Nicholas: Mommy, Tobin really needs to go to sleep. Me: I know, babe, … [Read more...]