Conversations With Tobin: Hero Edition

Tobin is obsessed with Heroes right now. A Hero is anything from comic-book and movie characters to one of the boys' action figures (even the bad guys). The other night, while I was snuggling with him in bed, we had the following conversation: Tobin: Where's my hero? Me:We had to put him away, you couldn't sleep with him, or he would poke you. Tobin: I like my hero. Me: I know, you … [Read more...]

Conversations with Nicholas ~ Dog Heaven Edition

On the way to school early this week... Nicholas: Mom? Me: Yes? N: Do you think that Brittany [our dog who died about 1.5 years ago] has found Daddy Mark? In Heaven, I mean? M: Of course. I think that Daddy Mark was waiting for Brittany the second she got to Heaven. What do you think? N: I think so too. And I think they're playing fatch. M: "Fatch"? Do you mean "fetch"? N: No. Fatch. … [Read more...]

Conversations with Nicholas: Sweetest Big Brother Ever Edition

Both the boys are getting over having been sick for a couple of weeks (not sequentially, but with some overlap). Basically, our home had the plague for a couple of weeks. N first got sick with an asthma flair up and that was the first part of the sweetest-big-brother-ever conversation. Nicholas came in to our room at 5:00 in the morning having a very hard time breathing so we ran to his room to … [Read more...]

Conversations with Nicholas: Finding Your Spouse Edition

Hanging out with Nicholas the other night before bed he asked me, "Mommy? How will I find the person I need to marry?" Me: Well, there are a lot of ways to meet the person you would like to marry. N: But how will I know they are the right person? Never mind, I think I know. Me: You do? How? N: Well, here are the important things...You need to not pick someone who is too old, because … [Read more...]

Conversations with Nicholas, Mattress Edition

Nicholas: "Mom, I have a pain in my stomach." Mom: "Are you okay? Do you think you ate too much at dinner?" Nicholas: "No. I think I need a new mattress. I think I need the Sleep Number mattress." Mom: "Huh?" Nicholas: "Those people on the commercial all have pains in their backs, and needed a Sleep Number mattress." Mom: "Okaaay?" Nicholas: "Mommy, I sleep on my stomach. I have … [Read more...]