Beyond Thankful

For many years, November has been hard for me. This year, though, I made a huge effort to stay ahead of the sad and concentrate on being really thankful for what I have and who I am. For the most part, I succeeded. There were definitely hard parts to the month, and I'm still coming away from some of those feelings now; but, it was so much better than it's been before. With that being said, I'm … [Read more...]

She Slips Away

She is slipping away from us. Losing words, forgetting sentences, misplacing objects. She's in her early 60s and has always been one of the sharpest people I've known. She has lived all over the world, first as a Marine and then working for the Department of Defense. She loved new places, made friends easily (kept them for life), and excelled at her work. Then, a few years ago, she started … [Read more...]

My Birthday-Easter Combo

We had such a great weekend! The great thing about my birthday falling on Easter is that I'm pretty much guaranteed that my whole family will be there to celebrate. So, here's the recap of my wonderful Easter birthday. It started with three cute boys (one grown, two still growing) wishing me a Happy Easter while tackling me in bed (including a very slobbery kiss from the littlest one). Then … [Read more...]