Summer of The Nana

We don't get to see my mom (Nana) very often. In fact, before she came to visit this summer, it had been two years since we had seen her. So, we take full advantage of our Nana time when we have her. We didn't do anything "big". No big events, nothing super planned out. We just hung out with Nana. We made tie-dyed shirts for everyone, we went to see Brave (Nana's first time in a movie theater … [Read more...]

My Birthday-Easter Combo

We had such a great weekend! The great thing about my birthday falling on Easter is that I'm pretty much guaranteed that my whole family will be there to celebrate. So, here's the recap of my wonderful Easter birthday. It started with three cute boys (one grown, two still growing) wishing me a Happy Easter while tackling me in bed (including a very slobbery kiss from the littlest one). Then … [Read more...]