House Hunting Gone Bad

I've been in house-hunting mode for a couple of years. We actively looked for a month or so before we put it on hold. But, I'm still in the habit of spotting for-sale signs on properties in our neighborhood. Especially if it's a house that's been for sale in the last couple of years that we've looked at before. That's how this happened... Me: Honey, that house down our street is for sale again! … [Read more...]

Conversations With Nicholas: House Hunters Edition

Getting ready to meet the Realtor to see our first house... Me: Are you excited to look at the house? Nicholas: So excited! Will this be the house we buy? Me: Well, it might be; but, the whole process can take a while, so we shouldn't get too worked up about it. N: Will it have a yard for Lemmon to play in? Me: Yes, but since Lemmon is only 4 pounds or so, she doesn't need a huge … [Read more...]

Let the House Hunting Begin!

I've never owned a house. I went from living with my Grandmother when I graduated high school to living with my sister and her family for the first year of college. After that, it was my first apartment. And it's been apartments since then. Six apartments in the last 15 years with a couple of stints living with family between apartments. I'm tired of apartments. Not all of our apartments have … [Read more...]