What I Know At 42

I just turned 42! Mostly I can't believe the number is associated with me when I often don't feel like an adult, much less a middle-aged adult. I've been reading a lot of books by smart people who talk about lessons they've learned, and thinking of my own lessons. Here are things I know or believe for sure. I didn't learn them suddenly because I turned 42, but I think they're worth sharing. … [Read more...]

Widow Wednesday: Intro

I feel as if there are a couple of different groups of you guys. You know, the three of you who read my posts. It seems that some of you found me because of my life as a parent and the others because of my experience as a widow. It also seems that the two groups may not always overlap. So, in an effort to categorize my posts even more than I already do (I think I may have a problem with making … [Read more...]