Nicholas The Nature Photographer

Nicholas, Tobin and I took a walk to our neighborhood park last weekend to give William some uninterrupted study time. Nicholas has been noticing a lot about nature lately, pointing out interesting plants, talking about cool trees, noticing pretty flowers. I had my camera with me and was snapping pictures of the boys playing and Nicholas wanted to take pictures too. But he wanted to take pictures … [Read more...]

Birthday Recap: 37 Is Awesome

I had a seriously great birthday week this year, y'all. There were so many birthday wishes, so many friends to celebrate with, so much love. I get to read Jenny's words and I got to commission art from Robin. I had dinner with my best boys, I celebrated two days in a row with my work family (my birthday and my awesome friend, Katy's, birthday are next to each other). I got surprise birthday wishes … [Read more...]

Conversation With A Fortune Teller

William and I went to a super fun event recently and one of the perks was a brief chat with a fortune teller. Or is it palm reader? I don't know what she called herself. Regardless, I sat in a dimly lit alcove with a mystical stranger and she read my palm. It's possible I was slightly toasted. Because the Appletinis were wicked strong and they were the first drinks I'd had since being pregnant … [Read more...]

Making Two Look Good!

Tobin is two. I just have to write it out, or I won't believe it. Because how did that happen? Yesterday he was kicking me in the ribs. Oh, wait, he was kicking me in the ribs yesterday. But I meant from *inside* my belly. Anyway, it's gone really fast. This year was a big one for our little dude: daycare, talking, glasses, a level of orneriness never before seen in our household. I think my … [Read more...]

My Charmed Life

Like many women in Texas, I love me some  James Avery. When I was 11 I got my first piece of James Avery jewelry, a silver "dangle" ring with a hot-air balloon charm. I also got a dangle ring with a dinosaur (I think it was a Kentosaurus) because I thought it was cool, not because I had any real fascination with dinosaurs. The rings were gifts from my father, two of the three gifts that I can … [Read more...]