Scrapping the Sad Stuff

I didn't think about the sad stuff when I started Project Life. I knew I'd be keeping track of our family memories on a weekly basis, but thought it would just be the happy stuff, the cute things the kids say, my adventures in hair, you know the really important stuff. But then I had the miscarriage. And I haven't scrapped for the last three weeks. Even though I have the pictures for those … [Read more...]

Just Like That, It’s Gone

I saw the woman crying as she left the office and thought, "There are few things as sad as seeing a woman sobbing as she leaves the OB's office." Two hours later, I was the one sobbing as I left. But, before the sobbing, there was lots of smiling and hugging. I took a pregnancy test on January 8th and it was positive. I found out later, I was probably only 3 weeks pregnant (or so). I … [Read more...]