Conversations With Nicholas: Whataburger Edition

Nicholas got to choose dinner last night. He asked William for Whataburger, but he said he didn't want the burger ordered the way we usually do... Nicholas: I want the burger wet this time. William: Wet? What do you mean? Nicholas: I don't want you to order it like you always do. I want it wet this time. The opposite of the way you usually order it. William: don't want it plain and … [Read more...]

Swimming Olympic Gold in 2024

Nicholas will be swimming for Team USA in the Summer Olympics in 2024. Because he had his first swim lessons this summer and is now not afraid to get his face wet. This might not sound like the Road To Gold, but when the boy was convinced that he was going to drown every time he got near water, this is a huge first step. Seriously, though? I just don't want Nicholas to be terrified of the water … [Read more...]

Nicholas at Seven

My Sweetest Nicholas, I can't believe you turned 7 this month. SEVEN! I know I say it every year, but I don't know how the time passes so quickly. Seven was a big year for you. You grew so much, both in height and maturity. This year's school year was tougher than Kindergarten, but you kept at it and it got a lot better. And the light bulb lit up for you when it came to reading. I was so … [Read more...]

Science The Rat and Nicholas

Science the Rat joined our family in October 2011. We had just watched an episode of Adventure Time, and Science the Rat is one of the characters (he's super smart and saves all the kingdom from zombiehood). I was in the gift shop at the hospital and there were a bunch of little stuffed animals in a Halloween theme (witch rats, pumpkin rats, etc.) Well, Science the Rat is a rat made of candy corn … [Read more...]

William Makes Father’s Day

Father's Day wasn't, traditionally, a big holiday for me. I haven't seen or spoken to my own father since I was 11. My wonderful Uncle David served as a surrogate father throughout my life, but I always knew he was borrowed from my cousin, Heather (although neither of them ever made me feel that way). Mark's Dad got Father's Day cards and meals from us, but Mark only got one of the special days … [Read more...]