Nicholas The Nature Photographer

Nicholas, Tobin and I took a walk to our neighborhood park last weekend to give William some uninterrupted study time. Nicholas has been noticing a lot about nature lately, pointing out interesting plants, talking about cool trees, noticing pretty flowers. I had my camera with me and was snapping pictures of the boys playing and Nicholas wanted to take pictures too. But he wanted to take pictures … [Read more...]

Scrapbook Saturday: Pregnant Belly & Meeting Little Brother

Happy National Scrapbook Day! This isn't really a post about that, but I thought I'd wish you all a good one on our national holiday :) I'm slowly making progress on Tobin's first year book. Here are a couple of layouts I've finished that I wanted to share because of some details. The Expanding layout I like for a couple of reasons: (1) The extra spacing between the letters of the title … [Read more...]

Birthday Recap: 37 Is Awesome

I had a seriously great birthday week this year, y'all. There were so many birthday wishes, so many friends to celebrate with, so much love. I get to read Jenny's words and I got to commission art from Robin. I had dinner with my best boys, I celebrated two days in a row with my work family (my birthday and my awesome friend, Katy's, birthday are next to each other). I got surprise birthday wishes … [Read more...]

Resolutions 2012: Two Organized Closets

I’m checking in on my New Year Resolutions for 2012. I’ve finished another couple of the resolutions on my list! I cleaned out Nicholas' closet and the hall closet. The catalyst was going through the boys' clothes to send to a friend in Dallas who is gathering items for the tornado victims. I'm glad that I was able to help in a tiny way. And clean closets as a bonus! Here is my list of New … [Read more...]

Birthday Party Fun: Dr. Seuss Style!

Just like every post when I talk about my sons' ages, I want to start it saying, "I can't believe they are [insert age here] already!" I can't believe Tobin is two already! I feel better now. Let's talk about his birthday party! You may remember from last year that Tobin shares a birthday with Dr. Seuss and Texas. With all the Lorax fun happening right now and our general love of Dr. Seuss, we … [Read more...]