Out for Blood: Mosquitoes vs. Mommy

It's mosquito season in south Texas, and the little buggers want my kids. They seem to want Tobin more than Nicholas this year, but Nicholas has had more than his fair share of attacks. In addition to the general itchiness and irritation of the bites, my kids seem to react pretty badly to them (huge bumps, a deep redness that sticks around for weeks, etc.) Here's some photographic evidence … [Read more...]

Conversations with Nicholas: Finding Your Spouse Edition

Hanging out with Nicholas the other night before bed he asked me, "Mommy? How will I find the person I need to marry?" Me: Well, there are a lot of ways to meet the person you would like to marry. N: But how will I know they are the right person? Never mind, I think I know. Me: You do? How? N: Well, here are the important things...You need to not pick someone who is too old, because … [Read more...]

Conversations with Nicholas, Mattress Edition

Nicholas: "Mom, I have a pain in my stomach." Mom: "Are you okay? Do you think you ate too much at dinner?" Nicholas: "No. I think I need a new mattress. I think I need the Sleep Number mattress." Mom: "Huh?" Nicholas: "Those people on the commercial all have pains in their backs, and needed a Sleep Number mattress." Mom: "Okaaay?" Nicholas: "Mommy, I sleep on my stomach. I have … [Read more...]

Birthday Party Fun!

We had a kids-running-around-crazy, box-robot-decoration, way-too-many-cupcakes, left-the-juice boxes-for-the-kids-in-William's-car kind of party for T's first birthday. It was so much fun and I'm so glad so many of our friends and family got to be there. I got some great ideas for the party from my talented friend, Domenica, and some other great ideas from etsy. If you are in no way interested in … [Read more...]

Penguins, Turtles and Chicken, Oh My!

A few of the Animal Ambassadors from SeaWorld San Antonio came to our town a few weeks ago (yes, I meant to write the post then, but had technical difficulties). They did the morning show scene and in the evening stopped by the Chick-fil-A for the community to get up close to the animals. Luckily my friend, Kami, told me about the stop so we all piled into the car and headed to town! Although … [Read more...]