Resolution 2012: Organized Storage Unit

We have a small apartment, so we also have a storage unit. As they tend to do, our storage unit became a catch-all for stuff. Boxes of stuff. All that stuff made me anxious, so one of my New Year Resolutions for 2012 was to organize the storage unit so that it was move-out ready. For when we move when someone is smart enough to hire my amazing husband. It may not look it from the "before" picture, … [Read more...]

Resolutions 2012: Clean In-Box

I'm checking in on my New Year Resolutions for 2012. I've finished a couple of the resolutions on my list! The easiest ones. I just finished cleaning up my email in boxes. I not only read through emails, but I also organized them into subject folders. I know, I'm a wild woman. Even more stress-relieving is that I did that to my work emails AND my personal email accounts. Who am I? Here is my … [Read more...]

Resolutions 2012: Organized Scrapping Area

One of my Resolutions for 2012 was to organize my scrapbooking area. My scrapbook area (also known as our apartment's dining room) wasn't that bad initially. A little untidy, but not horrible. The thing that really got me to organize it was that I couldn't remember half the stuff I had. This happens to a lot of crafters, I think, but it bothered me that so many of these great supplies I had … [Read more...]