The Dark and Silent Type

Dark and Silence. Do you have either? I don't. The only time I am in complete darkness is when the lights go out at my office. Because there are no windows, the office is completely dark if all the power goes off. I am always shocked at how disorienting it is to be in complete darkness. And silence? I definitely don't experience that. Again, the time when I have the most silence in my normal life … [Read more...]

Distracting: Home Accessories

One of my favorite magazines is Real Simple, and one of the things I love to see it in is their choice of home accessories. The mark of a successful (for me) magazine is the number of pages I rip out to keep. The January issue had 12 rippable pages! Here are a few of the things I liked... Ochre's Artic Pear Chandelier/Lamp Oh my gosh, how cool is this lamp? So cool, that's how much! I love the … [Read more...]