Dancing, Thankfulness & Free Mammograms

My Mom is a breast cancer survivor (that's her over there, with the ridiculously beautiful bald head). She's been cancer-free since 2007. She fought a hard battle that left her with big scars to kick cancer's ass. When I got the call from my Mom that she was cancer-free, I was on my way to a committee meeting for FIRST FRIDAY. FF is  a group that was founded in 1994 and whose sole purpose is to … [Read more...]

The Thing About Ronny

I seem to start most of my conversations about my friend, Ronny, with that phrase. "The thing about Ronny is..." If you knew Ronny Jo Villarreal, you know how lucky you were. If you didn't know her? I wish you had. The thing about Ronny is that she was tough. Ronny was tough without being hard. She took on so many challenges and conquered most of them. We would all be better with a fraction of … [Read more...]

Ready, Set, Get Healthy!

This isn't the post I intended to write about health and fitness and how it relates to me. I was going to do something frothy and upbeat, but I changed my mind. Because, maybe, being frothy and upbeat – therefore avoiding too much honest emotion – has been one of my tools for staying unhealthy and unfit. I've had a few kicks in the pants lately, and am determined to be healthy for the rest of … [Read more...]