2013 Mother of The Year Winner: Missed School Events Edition

I don't get to do that much at N's school. Even though I have an amazing boss who works really hard to let us participate in events during the day, there are a lot of things I just can't get to. Luckily, Nicholas understands that and has never been upset when neither William nor I can do something. Today was not one of those days. I could have made it to the end-of-year awards ceremony. It … [Read more...]

Conversations with Nicholas: Philanthropy Edition

This is how the conversation went down when I got home from work yesterday... Nicholas: Hi Mommy! Me: Hi, Babe! How was your day? N: Good. Mom, do you know about MS? Me: MS? The illness? N: Yes. It makes it very hard for people to walk and is very expensive to try to cure. Me: Oh. Yes, I've heard that. Are you raising money for MS at school? N: Yes...(starts … [Read more...]