My Mom Moves Part I

I have some wicked moves. Since I have had kids I have developed moves that rival the greatest martial artist. Or at least other parents. The following moves are all about soothing the baby or getting the baby to sleep (I'll write another one about my other Ninja moves next week). Let me describe and you be the judge. The Shuffle I do The Shuffle every day. I break it out when the baby is … [Read more...]

The Dark and Silent Type

Dark and Silence. Do you have either? I don't. The only time I am in complete darkness is when the lights go out at my office. Because there are no windows, the office is completely dark if all the power goes off. I am always shocked at how disorienting it is to be in complete darkness. And silence? I definitely don't experience that. Again, the time when I have the most silence in my normal life … [Read more...]