Martha Speaketh Weeketh! Talking Dogs Are the Best Dogs

We're a PBS-loving family. We devour everything from documentaries, news programs, cooking shows, home improvement, and art to the kids programming. I love sharing favorites like Seasame Street with my kids, and discovering new-for-us shows like the Wild Krats and Martha Speaks. The week of June 16-20, 2014, is Martha Speaketh Week which culminates with Summer Learning Day on June 20th. To … [Read more...]

Conversations With Nicholas: House Hunters Edition

Getting ready to meet the Realtor to see our first house... Me: Are you excited to look at the house? Nicholas: So excited! Will this be the house we buy? Me: Well, it might be; but, the whole process can take a while, so we shouldn't get too worked up about it. N: Will it have a yard for Lemmon to play in? Me: Yes, but since Lemmon is only 4 pounds or so, she doesn't need a huge … [Read more...]

Conversations with Nicholas, Mattress Edition

Nicholas: "Mom, I have a pain in my stomach." Mom: "Are you okay? Do you think you ate too much at dinner?" Nicholas: "No. I think I need a new mattress. I think I need the Sleep Number mattress." Mom: "Huh?" Nicholas: "Those people on the commercial all have pains in their backs, and needed a Sleep Number mattress." Mom: "Okaaay?" Nicholas: "Mommy, I sleep on my stomach. I have … [Read more...]