Veterans Day, Grandma, and Military Wives

Sunday was Veterans Day. We are a military family with my Grandfather, Father, Aunt, Uncles, Cousins, Brothers-in-law, and Sister-in-law all having served or currently serving. I am thankful every day for their service during war and peace. Maybe it's because she helped raise me, but when I think about my Grandfather on Veterans Day, I can't help think of my Grandmother. Grandma and Grandpa got … [Read more...]

Thankful for This Body

I am thankful for this body of mine. I haven't been very good to it over the last decade, I don't give it enough exercise and I feed it too much crap. Still, it has been forgiving of me. This amazing body has brought two beautiful sons into the world. I am in awe that I have been so unkind to this body and it hasn't broken down on me. But it's time to show how thankful I am, and take care of it … [Read more...]

Thankful for Mom (and Happy Birthday)

I am thankful for my Mom, Wilma. Mom is pretty awesome. I could write a book about her awesomeness, but I'll give you a list instead. • She takes in strays, be they animal or human. • She is kind, even when you don't deserve the kindness. • She has pretty brown/gold/hazel eyes. • She has soft hands that are always really warm. • She tells great stories. • She is a really good … [Read more...]

Thankful for Boys

I thought I would have daughters. All of my cousins have daughters, and while I have one brother, the people in my family just seem to have girls. I had no scientific reason for thinking I'd have daughters, I just assumed I would. I've been naming future daughters in my head since I was in junior high school. It's probably better I didn't have daughters as "Sterling Penny" and "America Freedom" … [Read more...]

Thankful for Warriors

I am thankful for the women and men who take up arms when they are called. I am thankful for the warriors who protect us overseas, in our backyards, and in the virtual world. My family is full of these warriors and some of them are in harm's way now. I pray for them even as I am thankful for them. Thank you! … [Read more...]